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The Australian gold rush by will.c

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of The Australian gold rush by will.c

Edward H Hargraves was a sailor and was born in England October 7 1816. In 1851 Edward found gold in New South Wales, Bathurst. He made his discovery at the age of 29. Edward was a gold prospector who claimed to have found gold in Australia but Edward had a guide person. The guide had found the gold before him but did not claim it to the government as Edward did.
Lots of immigrants came to Australia because of the gold and wanted to strike it rich. The Australian miners did not like the chinese miners as they mined, worked and lived differently
Important dates
The early discovery of gold in 1840 was feared by the ruling people as they thought that the convicts and free settlers would abandon the city and go find gold.

1851:First sights of gold nuggets at Ophir in NSW (the start of the gold rush)
Edward H Hargraves
The Origins of the gold rush
The Australian gold rush
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