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MAKRS Engineering

MGT 431 Group Presentation

Sydney F

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of MAKRS Engineering

MAKRS Engineering Our Mission The goal is to create teamwork in the organization.
Organized teams have the ability to prepare for whatever comes their way.
And the preparation creates overall organization. Why Write an Employee Handbook Employee handbooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can benefit any size company. Whether the handbook is large and extensive or small and concise it will be used to assist the company in effectively communicating information about the organization, workplace expectations, benefits, and workplace policies. Handbooks are well served as a communication tool, to limit liability, and for legal compliance. References Meeting Professional
Standards According to the article, "Dusting off the Employee Handbook," handbooks are designed as a guideline of rules that employees are expected to follow on a daily basis. There are a list of things that should always be included when a company creates a handbook, whether they can be considered current and what the company has based its values on since the company began. The mission statement can be thought of as a thesis statement. "The mission of MAKRS engineering is to provide economical, responsive and effective professional engineering and architectural services." Another section that is absolutely imperative to include in an employee handbook are the policies that need to be followed-from accident and emergency policies to hiring policies. These can be considered relevant and up to date with the world around us because so many people are concerned with what the company will do for them in the future. The policies that are included within the handbook allow the employee to work as an individual, but have a "company as a whole" mentality. He is allowed to venture out and do things on his own without corrupting the business's name and values. Handbooks are placed for well being of the company and for the individual. Our team mission: To apply the material we learned throughout the semester to the creation of MAKRS Engineering. We believed in cooperation, effectiveness, and put forth our time in creating an effective and professional employee handbook.

Our company mission: To provide economical, responsive and effective professional engineering and architectural services. Who We Are and What We Have Learned Organization & Preparation Organization brings professionalism,
allows employees to fully understand rules and regulations, and prepares employees for their future.
Examples of a well prepared handbook:
title page (welcoming introduction),
table of contents (gives direction),
introduction (help employees understand handbooks purpose and different policies),
along with other sections that address important elements employees must understand (harassment policies, benefits, etc.) Keeping up With Technology What We Gained from this Experience Technology plays a big part in the business world today. It’s important for companies to recognize that technology can help or hurt a business. Employers need to include an electronic use and social media use policy in their handbooks to ensure that employees are using equipment and internet sites in the best interest of the employer and not for personal reasons.
Technology also plays a key part in getting a company’s name out there for the public to see. Creating a company website along with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts can help a company become more visible and also attract potential employees to their company. Communication Tool Limit Liability
Legal Compliance "Whether you are in the HR department or not, everyone needs to understand the duties that are performed in order to hold a successful business. HR representatives must be organized in order to fulfill the job requirements. Their job is to direct the company into success."
-Sydney Frietsch "From this experience, I have gained the knowledge of knowing what to expect from an employee handbook and how to look for things that companies might use to trap an employee or protect themselves from a lawsuit. This information will better prepare me for my future employment endeavors and also collaborating with an online team, if ever I will be required to do so."
-Megan Bergerud "Human Resource Management plays a vital role in how successful a company can be. Providing numerous services to employees can benefit a company with longevity, loyalty, and an overall healthy work environment."
-Amanda Plotner "Human Resource Management plays a vital role in how successful a company can be. Providing numerous services to employees can benefit a company with longevity, loyalty and an overall healthy work environment."
-Amanda Plotner "Human resources can satisfy the “what” to compete with in an organization by recruiting and retaining knowledge workers. HR can be key in increasing job satisfaction and productivity, thus giving the organization a competitive advantage."
Kassandra Wilkin "Employee Handbooks Effectively Communicate Work Rules But Have Drawbacks | BizFilings Toolkit." LLC & Incorporation | Start a Business | Incorporate Online | BizFilings. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. <http://www.bizfilings.com/toolkit/sbg/office-hr/managing-the-workplace/employee-handbooks-benefits-drawbacks.aspx>.

Hubbartt, MSIR, SPHR, William. "Ten Reasons to Write (or Revise) Your Employee Handbook Now." na Feb. 2006: n. Print.

Noe, Raymond A.. Human resource management: gaining a competitive advantage. 8th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2013. Print.

O'Neal, Donald. People in Organizations What Every Manager Should Know about Human Resources. Boston: American Press, 2011. Print.

Peterson, Michael C.. "Heltzel Williams Law Firm : The Employee Handbook: Why Every Employer Should Have One." Heltzel Williams Law Firm. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. <http://www.heltzel.com/compass/2010/winter/employment-law/the-employee-handbook.php>.

Sigda, Eric. "Should Employers Have Employee Handbooks? | The National Law Review." National Law Review: latest business law news and legal analysis. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. <http://www.natlawreview.com/article/should-employers-have-employee-handbooks>. Employee Handbooks Required By Law:
Family Medical Leave Policy
Equal Employment Policy
Non-Discrimination Policy
Worker's Compensation Policy
Accommodation of Disabilities Policy
Military Leave Policy.

General Guidelines:
Not a Contract (At-Will Disclaimer)
Policies are Subject to Change
Company History
Paid Time-Off Policy
Employee Behavior Expectations
Benefits Why have them? Employee handbooks can be crafted to protect employees from law suits and put staff members at ease by spelling out the company's expectations. What do they do? An effective policy manual will include what's important to the business, both in keeping the employees happy, as well as accomplishing the business objectives of the company. What to include? “With this experience I have gained the knowledge of what it takes to make a well-organized handbook that covers all of the bases needed to protect the corporation and its employees. A well-organized handbook is the start to informing everyone within the company of what is needed and expected to be successful in the business world”.
-Ryan Millinger
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