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Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants and 21st Century Skills

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants and 21st Century Skills

Manuela Valdés

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants and 21st Century Skills

Today's students represent the first generations to grow up with this new technology.
They have spent their entire lives surrounded by and using computers, video cams, games, digital players and all the other toys and tools of the digital age.
Digital Natives
Students today are all Native speakers of the digital language of computers, video games and the internet.
Digital Immigrants are those who were not born into the digital world but have become fascinated by and adopted many aspects of the new technology.
“Our Digital Immigrant instructors, who speak an outdated language (that of the pre-digital age), are struggling to teach a population that speaks an entirely new language”. Prensky
"Our students have changed radically. Today's students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach"
Marc Prensky
How are today's generations of students different from previous ones?
Do they learn in the same way? Why? Why not?
Is it that Digital Natives can't pay attention or that they choose not to?
Prensky, M. (2001). "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants".
On the Horizon
9 (5): 1–6.
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Binkley, M., Erstad, O., Herman, J., Raizen, S., Ripley, M. and Rumble, M. (2010). "Draft White Paper 1: Defining 21st century skills". University ofMelbourne.

21st Century Skills
Ways of thinking!
Ways of working!
Tools for working!
Living in the world!
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