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Wedding Roles

Lailani Cledera & Nikki Nguyen

lailani cledera

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of Wedding Roles

Decide on budget

Choose a date and venue

Design your invite

Select flowers

Choose a photographer

Write the vows

Agree on food and drinks

Book your honeymoon

Hire a wedding car
Wedding Roles
Lailani Cledera & Nikki Nguyen
Period 5
Who does what at a wedding?
The ultimate visual guide
Groom Responsibilities
Choose best man and ushers
Buy the wedding ring
Buy a gift for your bride
Secure marriage license and pay the officiant
Prepare your speech
Select bridesmaids and maid of honor
Order flowers for hair
Shop for wedding dress and jewelry
Get present for your groom
Buy wedding ring for groom
Bride & Groom
joint responsibilities
Best man
Organize and host a memorable stag party
Coordinate suit, tie and buttonhole with groom and ushers
Get the groom to the ceremony, and organize transportation for newly married couple
Supervise the ushers
Plan and write speech
Escorts maid of honor after the ceremony
Maid of Honor
Plan bachelorette party
Help choose wedding & bridesmaids dresses
Organize other bridesmaids
Help bride get ready
Witness and sign wedding certificate
Father (bride/groom)
Pay for rehearsal dinner (groom)
propose the last toast at the rehearsal dinner (groom)
Co-host and help pay for reception (bride)
Escort the bride down the aisle (bride)
Plan, write, and deliver wedding speech (bride)
Pay for all drinks at reception (groom)
Mother (Bride/Groom)
Plan and host rehearsal dinner (groom)
Bring the guest book to reception (bride)
Help bride choose wedding dress & jewelry (bride)
Look after wedding gifts (bride)
Help organize ceremony & reception (bride)
Co - host reception (bride)
Help organize bachelor party
Fold and hand out order-of-service booklets at ceremony
Distribute corsages to family before they are seated
Direct guests to their seats
Escort bridesmaids after ceremony
Decorate newly weds car
Offer to make, decorate and distribute wedding favors
Help maid of honor organize bachelorette party
Check/decorate the wedding venue
Run errands for bride
Walk down aisle besides the maid of honor
"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."

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