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No description

Julie Paulson

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Lecturing

What makes a good lecture?
Encouraging active learning
Ask students to
Analyze material
Formulate problems
Develop hypotheses
Bring evidence to bear
Criticize and evaluate alternative solutions
Helping students construct and organize new knowledge
ask prequestions
relate subject to existing knowledge
give periodic summaries
ask a question to test student understanding
encourage students to ask questions
ask students to summarize lecture
What are lectures good for?
Getting & maintaining student attention
variation in pitch, intensity, pace etc.
link lectures to students' interests
give vivid/intriguing examples
build suspense
The Minute Paper
at beginning of class, ask students what they hope to get from lecture
ask students to summarize major points of lecture
ask students to apply knowledge or give an example
ask students to respond to a question
ask students to write down most important thing they have learned
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