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Marine food web!!!!!!!!!!

No description

Puneet Sidhu

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Marine food web!!!!!!!!!!

Marine food web!!!!!!!!!!
A seaweed is a producer. Seaweed are found only in the relativity shallow parts of the ocean. Seaweed produces its food with help of sun-
-light. Seaweed does photosynthesis to make their food. Jellyfish,Crabs,
Crustaceans,Sea Urchins,Seals,Sea turtles,Lobster,Crayfish,Woodlice and much more eat Seaweed. The seaweeds job is to give nutrients and energy for animals. Beds of seaweed provide shelter and habitat for scores of coastal animals for all or part of their lives.Chemicals,pollution and fertilizers are a threat to seaweed.
Crabs are a consumer. Crabs can not make their own food.Crabs are found under rocks in the shallow parts of the ocean.Crabs eat Seaweed,Snails,Mussels and Shell Fish beds. Seals,Racoons,Birds,Sea Turtles and more eat Crabs. Crabs help to clean up the bottom of the ocean by harvesting plant and animal matter. Pollution and chemicals are the main threat to Crabs.
Jellyfish are found in every ocean . A Jellyfish is a consumer. A Jellyfish eats both plants and animals. Jellyfish eat smaller fish eggs, Zoo plankton, Fish,
Crustaceans,Sea Snails and Seaweed. Tuna, Sharks,Swordfish,Salmon,Sea Turtles and Birds eat Jellyfish. A Jellyfishes job is to cleanse ocean water and regulate biodiversity. The way they move and eat helps to filter waste out of the ocean. Jelly fish is under threat because their is pollution in the ocean.
Sea turtles
Most Sea turtles are found in the subtropical oceans,but they are found all around the world. A Sea turtle is consumer. A Sea turtle eats Squid,Shrimp,Sea weed, Sea Grass,Algae,Fish,Lobster,Crab,Urchins and much more. Since Sea turtles are pretty big they don't have a lot of enemies, but Sharks do eat sea turtles. A Sea Turtles job is to feed on other organisms and are feed upon. Sea turtles are threatened by many human activities,including Fishing,oaching and pollution.
Angel sharks tend to live in the Pacific from Peru to Alaska. An angel sharks
is an omnivore. Angel sharks eat other animals. Angel sharks eat Sea Turtles,Mollusks,Peppered shark,Blacksmith,Flatfish and other kinds of bony fishes. Killer Whales,Blue sharks,Tiger Sharks and Great Whites eat Angel Sharks. An Angel Shark job is to keep other marine life in healthy balance and to regulate oceans. Pollution are threat to Angel Sharks.
Angel Sharks
Hammerhead Sharks
Hammerhead Sharks live in warm waters along the coastlines. They might be found in Malpelo Island in Colombia, Coco`s Island and Molokai Island. Hammerhead Sharks are carnivores. Hammerhead Sharks eat meat. Hammerhead Sharks eat Sea turtles, Crustaceans, Squid,Octopus, Algae and many kinda of fish. Not many animals eat Hammerhead Sharks since they are really big , but Killer Whales and Orca Whales eat HammerheadSharks. Pollution are a main threat to Hammerhead Sharks.
Killer Whale
Killer Whales are found all over the world but mostly in Antarctica, Norway and Pacific North America. Killer Whales are carnivores and herbivores. Killer Whales eat both meat and plants. Killer Whales eat Fish, Seals, Whales, Sea turtles, Tuna, Dolphins, Sharks, Squids, Sea lions, Walruses, Sea otters and much more. Killer Whales can be eaten only by Orca Whales since they are gigantic. Killer Whales help regulate the populations of their prey. Air pollution is a main threat to Killer Whales.
Orca Whales
Orca Whales are found in Antarctica, Norway and Pacific North America. Orca Whales are omnivores. Orca Whales eat both plants and meat. Orca Whales eat Killer Whales, Fish, Seals, Sea Lions, Baleen Whales, Walruses, Penguins, Blue Whales, Sperm Whales and much more.Nothing can eat an Orca whale except for humans. Orca Whales help regulate the populations of their prey. Pollution threats Orca Whales which is mostly due to humans.
The Sun
The Sun is extremely hot,because it is about 27 million degrees. Since the Sun is extremely hot and very big nothing can eat it, but the Sun can eat every thing, which is why the sun is at the top of the food chain. The Sun is the reason why there is Earth. The Sun produces light and energy to Earth. The Sun also gives the Earth heat. If there was no Sun then consider that there is nothing because then it would have been freezing cold.
The End :)
The main threat to all mammals is pollution. This is because Humans keep on putting food and chemicals in the oceans and lakes. Humans throw lead,mercury,rotten food,alchohal,cigarettes and much more. If more and more mammals die then their wont be a food web or food chain. The more pollution their is the more animals die which effects everyone in the food web because the more animals die the more animals are hungary.
Water pollution is the main threat to everyone in the ocean. Water pollution is mostly due to humans. People throw garbage,oil,mercury,food,cigreattes and much more in the water. If one animal dies then consider that everyone will be dead in the food chain, because if one animal dies than their prey will die because they will starve to death and then it goes again and again until we reach the top of the food chain.
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