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Summery writing

how to write a summery?

panng Natthakrita

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Summery writing

My teacher set me a homework to write a summary, but i don't know HOW? First of all you'll need to know what story are you going to summerise! You'll have to read the story carefully and go through with the highlighter. Highlight the one u thinks its important. things you really need to "DO" when writing a summary : pretend that your are writing the summary for someone who hasn't read the original article.

keep to the word limit! writing too much will be penalized. However, writing too little is a sign that you haven't included all the main point.

keep ONLY the important points in your summary. Ignore all the unimportant details. Your tone should be formal, continuous prose (i.e bullet points) and should be a consecutive paragraph.

style should be neutral. In a perfect summary the teacher will not know whose summary he is reading. and something you "MUST NOT DO" ! SO DO NOT: Include an introduction or a cunclusion.

Copy phares/sentences from the artricle ("lifting"). This will lose you a LOT of marks. Make sure you use your own words as far as possible.

Use "I" or "we".

Use informal languege or slang. Use quotations or statistic or lists.

Repeat (wasting your quote of words).

Use any unessary description.

Include your own opinion. IT IS NOT WANTED !!!!! THE END !!

I'm sure you'll get an A on this !! (:
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