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The Gilded Age

No description

Edward Blum

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of The Gilded Age

In the final decades of the 19th century,
inventors, businessmen, workers, immigrants, farmers, and politicians transformed the United States from a marginal player in global economics to a powerful competitor. They expanded the nation in every way imaginable - materially, territorially,
and culturally. The Gilded Age Key Words:
Bessemer process
Andrew Carnegie
John D. Rockefeller
Vertical Integration
Horizontal integration Industrialization Key terms
Thomas Edison
Light bulb
Vacuum Cleaner
Kodak Camera
Motion pictures
Coca cola
Electric chair Innovation Key terms:
William Jennings Bryan
William McKinley
1896 Presidential Election Politics Reshaped Knights of Labor (1880s)
Terrence Powderly
Haymarket Tragedy (1886)
Pullman Strike (1894)
Samuel Gompers
Eugene V. Debs
American Federation of Labor (AFL)
Samuel Gompers
Crop Lien
Gold Standard Producers Unite 1880 to 1920,
about 25 million immigrants

“New Immigrants”
China, Central, southern, and eastern Europe
Emma Lazarus
Lee Chew

Urban Areas
1890: NYC is 80% immigrant
1890: Chicago is 87% immigrant

Custer at Little Big Horn (1876)
Dawes Act (1887)

Alaska (1867)
Spanish-American War Immigration, Migration, and Empire 1870-1920: urban dwellers from 10 million to 54 million
By 1900, 1/3 of Americans living in cities
1853 mechanized elevator
Department Stores
Macy’s (1858)
Coney Island (1895)
Professional Baseball
Nickelodeons Urbanization Urbanization Code: Horatio Alger's America Innovation Industrialization Migrations Political
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