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Darfur Genocide

No description

Simon Sing

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Darfur Genocide

Darfur Genocide Main Information Causes Short Term Effects Regional Global Long Term Effects - Region in Sudan
- Claimed 400,000 lives, growing each day.
-Displaced over 2.5 million.
- Lots of people homeless and starving.
- Declared a genocide in 2004.
- Attacks on Darfur villages by bomb raids.
- Janjaweed militia raids.
- Feb. 10, cease fire but still continued
fighting. - Darfur today continues to suffer.
- 2.7 million still in internally displaced
person camps
- 4.7 million rely on humanitarian aid.
- Sudan can't isn't peaceful yet.
- 2010 president Bashir has a arrest
warrant for 3 accounts of genocide. - U.N peacekeepers sent to Darfur
but didn't help.
- U.S also intervened but were
- Expressed in other countries no only on news shows but TV like Oprah Winfrey and Anderson Cooper 360.
- China and Russia have been suspected in supplying weapons. LERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROY JENNNNNNKINS - Villages were destroyed from
- People forced to find new homes.
- Looting, burning, food stocks, stolen
livestock, rape, and containment water. - Will be a long time until the locals
are able to rebuild.
- They may make DMC's legal like they
did in the middle east.
- People will continue dying even after
the rebel forces are put down.
- U.S might fight against China because
of the only China has over Sudan. - Revolts by 2 rebel groups. (Justice and Equality movement, Sudan liberation movement)
- Government went against rebels and the people that were the same race. (Janjaweed)
- Complained about marginalization of area and failure to protect sedentary people from nomad attacks. Yolo Swag
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