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Providing great eService in a changing world

A simple presentation on eService principles

Nick Edwards

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of Providing great eService in a changing world

The world ended in 1989
(The internet 2010)
This world...
Became this one
Did you notice?
Most of us didn't
Today 97% of us have access to internet capable technology at home
90% of us use the internet
If you're under 75 in 2015 you'll be connected
eBooks, mobile communication and electronic purchasing will be the 'norm'
In 2005 the world changed again
Under 35s will predominantly communicate through social media
So what does this mean?
(it dates back to 1860)
How do we communicate effectively?

(ie make sure that our message is a) getting through and b) being understood?)
An organisation that does not provide online and electronic service is not meeting the needs or demands of its customers
What is eService?
Personal and relevant
It's a paradigm change
So how do we get there?
It's about customers, communication and channel
We need eService principles to guide projects and design
It needs effective reporting feedback and performance improvement loops
What will this look like?
Customers will be able to load and access online documents
Customers will be able to apply and pay online
Customers won't need to come through our websites us to gain access to us
Many standard activities will be automated
In 2015:
Indicatively, in 2012:
Customers will manage their cases online
~70% of our business will come through online
eService Strategy
It doesn't work
We do what we always have, but do it online
Guess what?
We need to make some changes to the way we think
What we do now
Putting this person first
Even if we have to change a few things
We invest disproportionately in traditional communication
It's comfortable
But it costs more
And has 20% lower customer satisfaction than online service
It's bigger than you think
Is it safe to use?
Is it the easiest way to access services?
Is it reliable?
Is the information correct?
Is it easy to understand?
Is it easy to get access to?
Is it timely and responsive?
Does it recognise me as an individual?
We need to STOP designing for yesterday and prepare for tomorrow
It's about willingness to engage online, not capability
When in doubt, we pick up the telephone
How well do we understand the needs of our customers?
Customers that don't have access can get online
(97% of people)
So we need to make eService as attractive as possible
And make it relevant to their situation, not ours
Use plain English
Don't just use text
Communicate appropriately to the audience
Use public assistance websites and social media
Walk people through it
Be interactive
Does it engage people?
Is it relevant to the person?
Constant improvement
Long term projects
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