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Copy of Wedding Planning

No description

greg mangos

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Wedding Planning

Marriage Planning
Agenda & Scope Management
Stakeholder Management
• Four day status updates for bride and groom

• Timely follow up with all resources confirming agreements

• Hosting regular meetings to engage stakeholders

• Enabling communications for conflict and rapid resolutions
(Planned with MS Project)
Select Orthodox Church
Schedule and reserve the date and time
Think of floral Decorations

Select the invitation design
Print the cards
Mail the cards
Receive mail confirmation & update catering firm

Florist & Photography
Appearance & Arrival
Reconfirm arrivals
Delegate wedding day tasks
Pick up the brides dress and grooms tuxedo

Carry out:
Orthodox Ceremony
Cater wedding

Depart for honeymoon
WBS & Time Management
Make sure your ready
Work out your budget
Select your Ceremony
Start Guest List
Decide on the final date
Risk Management
Risk Identification & Alternate Resolutions
Exceeding guests
Extra: 10% Food and seating availability
Weather conditions
Indoor alternative lounge or Umbrellas
A blackout
Led solar lighting and candles
The groom or bride are delayed or do not show up
Under contract provide a low budget party with appetizers and drinks
Provide extra resource to efficiently
meet time frames
Gantt Chart
Critical Path
Cost Management
Thank you
Gregory Mangos
Project Charter
Scope Statement
WBS - Gantt Chart
Network Diagram
Quality Assurance
Cost Management
Stakeholder Management
Human Resource Management
Procurement Plan
Risk Plan
Pareto Diagram
Project Charter
The mission of this project is to deliver successfully the wedding within a
predefined time and budget.
Fully satisfy the bride and the groom

Deliver high quality, cost efficiency and entertain 1000 guests

Complete tasks in time and carry out the wedding successfully on the 24/12/2014

Remain Within the agreed budget
between 35,000 - 50000 Euros.
Scope Statement
Project Deliverables:
Orthodox Ceremony
Cater wedding
Send & receive Mail
Bride & Groom
Bouquet & Flower deco
Tailor and Fitting

Select catering firm and hotel
Select the decoration
Served vs Self served
Select menu: (Request trial Menu)
Wedding Cake
Appetizers, sweets
Main dishes
Select the DJ & Music playlist
Purchase the wedding dress and tuxedo
Purchase the wedding rings
Purchase wedding shoes
Arrange Transportation
Schedule hair and makeup artists

Gantt Chart (Linked Tasks)
Quality Assurance
Create a checklist:
Assure contracts and agreements with:
Timing agreement
Approval for decoration
Daily contract for wedding lounge (Hilton)
Including floral decoration
Timing agreement, menus, & amounts
Timing agreement, equipment & playlists
Timing Agreement and equipment
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management

Assure that all resources are following up and ready:
Visit dressmaker for last dress fittings
Confirm limo and driver
Confirm appointment for hair and makeup
Confirm with the photographer and florist
Review the playlist the DJ has prepared
Confirm limo and driver availability
Confirm flight details

Procurement Plan
Pareto Diagram
Book the florist
Decide the floral deco
Book the photographer
Decide photo & Video
digital formats
Network Diagram
Earned Value
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