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Indoor Soccer Complex

No description

Devon Post

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Indoor Soccer Complex

COMPLEX Complex 8291 Gateway Dr., Argyle, TX 76226 Inside the Complex where the soccer field will be placed Sitting Area also where the concessions will be held Total Cost of Complex Building: $4,274 month
Utilities: $1250 month
Water/Sewage: $80 month
Insurance: $600 The Soccer Field Turf Soccer Goals 21' X 7' in ground Soccer Field Nets 21' X 7' in ground Scoreboard SC-1768-2 Soccer Scoreboard Seating Room 3 tables, 21 chairs Total Cost of Field Turf: $1.45 sq ft- $13,920 (f)
Turf Installation: $3.00 sq ft- $28,800 (f)
Soccer Goals (pair): $3250 (f)
Netting: $2,592 w/ installation (f)
Bleachers/Chairs: $1,365 (f) Concessions Equipment refrigerator & microwave Food Water
Soft drinks
Candy Total Cost of Concessions Refrigerator: $630.63 (f)
Microwave: $293.03 (f)
Food per month: $1500 avg (v) Pricing rental by teams for games, practices, and camps Team prices Each membership card (per player): $30 (v)
Team registration per season: $700 (v)
4 seasons per yr Field rental: hourly basis
during the day: $55 (v)
weekend and after 7 pm: $65 (v) Camps & Clinics 1/2 day clinic (15 people): $400 (v)
Kids camp: $80 for 5 half day clinics (v) Office Space Office Furniture Office Supplies Total Cost Desk: $270.00 (f)
Chair: $70.00 (f)
Computer: $649.99 (f)
Phone: $49.99 (f) Employment Pay Owner: $24,000 yr (v)
Referees (2): $8.00 hr (v)
Score Keeper (1): $7.25 hr (v)
Office Manager (1): $8.00 hr (v)
Concessions (1): $7.25 hr (v) Cost Analysis: Cost of complex: $6,204 month
Cost of field: one time $49,927
Cost of concession equipment: $923.66
Cost of concession food: $1,500 month
Cost of office space: $1,039.98
Cost of employment pay: $13,298 month
TOTAL COST YEAR 1: $303,915
Cost every year after: $252,024 Analysis: Kicks Indoor Soccer Complex
monopolistic competition- competing against other forms of entertainment
sole proprietorship- easy to start up, I control price and pay fluctuations, I will make all decisions, and I will only have to depend on myself. Supply & Demand Curve Cost of rental Demand of entertainment Conclusion: My business would be profitable, according to my predictions and evaluation, in the first year I would be making a profit of $52,085 and then the second year a profit of approximately $159,976 and hopefully when more people find out about it business sales will go up over the years. The three biggest challenges I would face are not having enough teams to cover the monthly cost in order to make a profit, not having as many people buy in concessions as expected, and promoting the business in order to attract more people for entertainment. This is a difficult project and I learned it is a lot more complex to begin then thought and being able to control how much money you spend and how much you get back is hard to balance out.
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