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Factors of Production: Earphones

No description

Selena Zan

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Factors of Production: Earphones

Factors of Production:
Headphones Materials Labour Machine and hand methods are used to produce headphones. The machines are controlled by people.

Capital Non-Liquid:
Information They have to keep on top of their competition to ensure that consumers are buying their products.

They have to consider the purpose behind the consumers buying the headphones. Are they for professional use in a studio, are they DJ's, or are they using it just to listen to music. They than serve to those needs.

What kind of headphones do consumers want? Ones that are more bass heavy, or have more treble, or do they want natural sound with no colouring.

Age may also be a factor which helps determine the pricing and target audience. Natural Resources Leather Raw Materials Rubber
Metal- gold, copper, aluminum
Electric Wiring
The headphones
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