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To what extent does Liberalism affect Environmentalism?

Social 30-1 Project

Emma Banyard

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of To what extent does Liberalism affect Environmentalism?

Roots of Environmentalism Now
do? Is Liberalism viable today? How does this challenge Liberalism? To what extent does environmentalism challenge the principles of liberalism ? Through environmental initiatives, such as "reduce, reuse, recycle", society has become increasingly conscientious to the affects of consumerism on our environment.

The international community has recognized the importance of environmentalism through such policies as the Kyoto Protocol. Although this international agreement may limit the liberal freedoms of individual choice, it also helps to guarantee the liberal prosperity for the future. Environmnentalism Support for Liberalism? when looking at the implementaion of the solutions to the issue, embracing liberalism and embracing environmentalism at the same time will cause a conflict of ideas. It is difficult to control the actions of people when one is also supposed to advocate for their freedom through liberalism. Environmentalism is an international issue that has international reach. This comes along with many challenges to modern liberalism and often sacrifices have to be made. Through agreements and initiatives, the world has slowly but surely began to make progress in the race to secure a certain future. To ensure this, one must recognize that some aspects of liberalism are not completely viable and that cooperation and a slightly more left wing perspective must be embraced, because the environment effects everyone.
THE END How is it affected by liberalism? What is the problem?
Environmentalism is a global concern that has no boundaries. Every person is affected by it. The question is how can society protect the modern liberal principle of a high quality of life for the future, while balancing a necessary infringement on liberal rights and freedoms today? The Kyoto Protocol is the international agreement to take measures to combat climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. The 192 signatories are attempting to find a solution to the deteriorating health of the earth in order to provide the liberal right to a high quality of life for future generations including carbon tax, emission reductions, and more efficient vehicles. As the international community becomes increasingly aware of the limited resource of oil and its harmful affects on the environment, many are turning to renewable forms of energy. Costa Rica for example, has achieved an impressive 90% dependency on renewable energy to provide electricity, further ensuring the prosperity quality of life for the future. Individual rights and freedoms: In our community, citizens cannot choose when they water their own grass and can't even decide how much to water it. This directly infringes on the right of choice.
Private Property: Oil companies are given restrictions and social pressures by not only the governement but also environmental organizations of how to conduct use of their own land.
Economic Freedom: Through the implementation of multiple sanctions, businesses have become in a sense slightly more publicly controlled, infringing on the right to economic freedom.
Self-Interest: In a community like Okotoks, the limitations of the amount of garbage produced by a household also limits the freedom of individual consumption. Although the solutions to rectify environmental problems are guaranteeing the modern liberal principle of a high quality of life for the future, this also requires the sacrifice of smaller liberal principles by the whole of society. The environment is not contained by borders, nor is the climate, or animals or anything else directly related to the niche we call home. Environmentalism is something that affects each and every human being. The actions of one individual resonate through the environment, affecting it even by just a little. If we mistreat our environment, eventually there will be no chance for a viable future. Its an international responsibility to care for the place we call home. Things the world is doing: Creating international agreements
Putting social and economic pressures on large corporations
Preserving areas of at risk environment (national parks, rainforests, etc.)
Protecting endangered species of animals and plants
Encouraging people to reduce their own footprints
Encouranging other means of energy consumption and production How does environmentalism affect the world?
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