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The Dark Frigate

No description

Cuong Ho

on 4 October 2017

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Transcript of The Dark Frigate

More Characters
Will Canty - A young sailor who was also forced to work for the pirates. He is around the same age as Phillip. The two became good friends, and, like Phillip, Will detests the crew of pirates. Although he attempts several counts of sabotage against the pirates in secret, the Old One is well aware of his activities. When an attempt to escape for help is thwarted, he is tortured and killed.
Martin Barwick - A man who Phil encounters on the road to Bideford and becomes his travelling companion. He is part of the Old One's crew of pirates, and assists in the capture of the Rose of Devon. Martin is a cowardly, incompetent man, and is often the target of ridicule by the rest of the crew.
Internal conflict- a example an internal conflict is when Phillip has to either kill a person or let him live because the person was driving him mad.
External conflict- The external conflict is Phillip trying to expose the captain and try to get him caught.
Phillip Marsham- He is a boy that is 19 years old. He is also the main protagonist of the story. He was raised alone by his sailor father, and so he has had experience on ships since he was a small child. He was forced to become a member of a crew of pirates when the ship he is serving on is taken over by the Old One(Tom Jordan) and his followers. Phillip also has a lot of bold spirit, knowledge of the sea, and very adventurous.
Sir John Bristol- A minor lord that Phil encounters early in the book. Despite such a short meeting, Phil is immediately impressed by the knight because he reminds him of his father. After his adventures on the Rose of Devon come to an end, Phillip comes back to Sir John's estate, and serves with him through the English Civil War. Sir John is killed at the Second Battle of Newbury.
Tom Jordan - More commonly known as the Old One, he is the primary antagonist of the book, and the leader of the band of pirates that took over the Rose of Devon. Even though he is violent, cruel, and prone to fits of extreme fury, he is also shown to be courageous, possess a commanding personality, and honorable. The book even said that he possessed all of the traits of leadership, and had he been born in another time, he very likely may have become a great naval hero instead of a pirate.

I do recommend this book for you everyone to read. I think this is a very good book and it has a pretty good story. However, this book is very slow and boring at times so if you don't like slow and boring sort of books, then I don't recommend it. Another thing is that if you like old books, then this may be a very good book. The book also offer some interesting and new words that you may not have heard of, so if you want to learn some new things then this book may be good. So I recommend this book for people who likes a good story line but is slow.
The Dark Frigate
Author: Charles Boardman Hawes
Cuong Ho
6th Period
Ms. Pearce

England- Phillip lived in England for a little bit and worked at a tavern there. This is also where he met Tom Jordan.
Bideford- This is where Tom Jordan show who he really is and took over a ship called the Rose of Devon. He also forced Phillip to work for him.
The court- This is where Phillip has to prove that he is innocent and did not do anything willingly with the pirates and where Tom Jordan and his crew was sentenced to death.
Rose of Devon- this is the ship that Phillip was forced to work for the pirates.
Character Trait Diagram
My favorite character is Phillip Marsham.
Evidence Revealed
Page Number
Strong- Willed
Although he was raised without a mother, he still was able to be strong. His lover was also married to someone else when he escaped from the pirates but he still loves her a lot and did not marry someone else
After he finished working for Sir John, he then started adventuring again.
Even though he didn't have a lot of food once, he still gave some away to a child that was hungry.
Even though he is serious in certain situations, he is very fun sometimes around kids and his friends.
He has many skills such as sword fighting, cooking, and navigation.
One theme that the author is trying to teach us is to be honest. Tom Jordan was honest and testify for Phillip and saved his life after they were captured by the British.
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