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refelect and prof

No description

hilary woodhead

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of refelect and prof

Tonight we will look at:
Professional Formation
Moving on!
First of All
A Quiz!!
Continuing professional development and IfL state the following are types of CPD
Reading relevant journal articles or reviewing books
Training courses or formal development or study
Peer review, mentoring or shadowing
Online learning including engagement in discussion forums and blogs
Viewing and reviewing television programmes, documentaries and the internet- plus others CPD means maintaining, improving and broadening relevant knowledge and skills in your subject specialism and your teaching and training, so that it has a positive impact on practice and the learner experience”- IfL 2009
To check if your CPD is “ meaningful” ask yourself 3 things:
1. have you reflected on the learning you have gained from your CPD?
2. have the activities and the reflection made a difference to how you teach or train?
3. can you show evidence of what the difference is and the impact it has made to learners, colleagues or the organisation in which you work?
4. 30 hours
5. pro-rata to hours employed from:
0.1FTE = 6 hours,
0.3 FTE = 9 hours,
0.5 FTE = 15 hours etc.
6.REfLECT an online personal learning space for members. It enables you to plan, record and assess the impact of CPD on your practice.
7. Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills ( ATLS – associate teacher learning and skills)
8. Essentially, all teachers that have had their first teaching position within the sector since September 2007 are required to undertake and complete Professional Formation within 5 years of their first appointment.
Teachers who were employed in the sector before September 2007 are not required to achieve QTLS or ATLS, but are encouraged to do so as a demonstration of the currency of their teaching practice.
9. the post-qualification process by which a teacher demonstrates through professional practice
the ability to use effectively the skills and knowledge acquired whilst training to be a teacher;
and the capacity to meet the occupational standards required of a teacher.”

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