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Cerro Prieto

No description

Breanne Reif

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Cerro Prieto

Cerro Prieto Volcano
Cerro Prieto
*The Cerro Prieto Volcano is (probably) extinted volacano.
Fun Facts
*Cerro Prieto is considered a 223-m-high compound dacitic lava dome
*Lava Dome 223 m/ 732 ft
*Cerro Prieto Volcano is roughly estimated that it was formed from 100,000 to 10,000 years ago
*Cucupas Indian legends described a monster that covered the land with hot rocks, which grew through the soil
*Effusive eruption- magma rises through the surface and flows out of the volcano as a viscous liquid called lava.
*Dacite- is a felsic extrusive rock
*Viscous-having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid
*The location of the volcano is 32.42°N / -115.31°W.
*The last eruption was 10,000 years ago or more.
*The volcano's eruption style is effusive.
By: Breanne Reif
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