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Action Plan

No description

Soobin Koh

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Action Plan

Find 5 models according to HATOX(different body types), and photograph them with the clothes I am going to reform due to their body types.
Use Sewing Machine Reform the clothes to make them prettier and also to make focus other spots than their complexed body types, so that they can increase their self-esteem about their bodies.
Photoshoot Photograph the clothes that I reformed with the five models, and compare the looks with the pictures of before and after. H It is one of the body type when people are lack of waist line, so from the shoulders to the hips are straight rather than curvy.
A When people have bigger hips than shoulders, their body look like alphabet A.
T Opposite to the A body type, which is having bigger shoulder than hips is called T body shape O O body shape is when people's bodies look like alphabet O X X is the alphabet for the people who have the most perfect body, when they have very balanced size of shoulders and hips. My NPO The problem that I am going to solve for my users is to higher their self-esteem that are continuously decrease because of their "not perfect" body shapes.
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