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Physics of the Yo--Yo

No description

Trang Do

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Physics of the Yo--Yo

by Trang Do
Physics of the yo-yo
What makes a yoyo spin?
Kinetic energy!
Gyroscopic stability keeps the yo-yo spinning in one direction and it's axis of rotation does not change. The string is always perpendicular to the yo-yo's axis of rotation.
The yo-yo experiences two forms of momentum linear and angular. Linear momentum is momentum in a straight line and is present when the yo-yo is falling. Angular momentum is momentum of rotation and is present when the yo-yo is spinning.
Potential energy
Kinetic energy
Gyroscopic stability
Moment of inertia
Gravity pulls and keeps the yo-yo down instead of having it just float.
Friction makes the yo-yo unwind and it also makes the yo-yo return. Without friction the yo-yo will not spin or return.
When the yo-yo is being held it has the potential to fall and spin. This Potential energy is later converted.
At the very bottom of the string the yo-yo has the most kinetic energy. This is where all the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. Without kinetic energy there would be no spinning
Gyroscopic stability
Moment of Inertia
Moment of inertia is the measurement of how resistant an object is to changes in rotation. It's also what determines how long a yo-yo sleeps. The moment of inertia is determined by two factors: mass and the distance of that mass from the axis of rotation. The more mass a yo-yo has the longer it spins and if the mass is further away from the axis of rotation it also spins longer.
Which one sleeps the longest?
68g 2 min 10 sec
75g 2 min 2 sec
56g 1 min 20 sec
68g 1 min 18 sec
67g 1 min 8 sec
64g 1 min 2 sec
69 g 58.28 sec
Weight: 220.2g
Sleep time: 30min 28.30sec
Price: $180
How long do you think the world record is?
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