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Paw Spa

No description

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Paw Spa

Enhancing Our Community
The Paw Spa Product
Our Marketing Campaign
Financial forecasts / Cost analysis
SWOT Analysis
Consumer, Pet Industry
Product Specifications
Product Line / Mix
Paw Spa
A deal worth wagging your tail for
Jim Ferrando
Neil Cardwell
Nick Willey
JD Mitchell
Andrew Fiore

Corporate Social Responsibility
Strengths - Unique Product, User Friendly, Convenient, Easy Storage

Weaknesses - Want (Not Need), No Defined Market

Opportunities - Define a New Market, Innovative, The Dog Owner's Market, Expansion of Product Line/Mix

Threats - Products With Similar Goals
Manufacturing / Distribution / Packaging
Brand Personality
Pricing Strategy:
$34.99 $49.99
Pricing Objective:
Maximize current profits
Determining Demand:
Estimating Costs:
Fixed and variable
Manufacturers throughout the US create plastics from recycled material at prices comparable to newly created raw materials
Three missions
1. Protect the environment
2. Improve the well being of dogs across America
3. Enhance our communities
Environmentally Friendly
Improving the well-being of dogs across America
"Our company is dedicated to protecting the environment. Because of this, we pledge to only use recycled materials in our products"
Dog Owners
Eliminate the mess in the house
Other customers who want better for their dog

The Product and its Design
Consumer and Pet Industry
SWOT Analysis
Pricing Strategy
Our marketing campaign
Brand personality
Corporate Social Responsibility
Product Line/Mix
Financial forecasts / cost analysis
Manufacturing, distribution, packaging
Walmart Brand

Water conservation is one of the features of our product we are most proud of
Product Design
Conclusion / Why this is great for Walmart
3% of sales will be donated to animal shelters across the US and service dog charities
"Paw Spa was created by and for dog lovers. It is our mission to help dogs in need and those who serve"
Made in America

"A deal worth wagging your tail for"

Clean dog, clean house, happy everybody

Man's best friend deserves the best
Paw Spa Product Line
Existing sizes (Regular, XL)
Wireless Paw Spa Technology

Product Mix
Accessories (Hoses, Gloves, Towels)
Dog grooming products (Shampoo, Brushes)
Product demos will be held at local dog parks offering free cleanings
Owners will be shown healthy cleaning habits and grooming methods to help their dogs live a healthier life
Pricing Method:
Markup Pricing
"We aim to enhance our communities by educating dog owners on the health benefits of proper cleaning and grooming techniques"
Social Media
Point of Sale
Mobile App
The portable, collapsible Dog Bathtub lets you clean up your dog anywhere, anytime, and you leave the mess outside.
This convenient outdoor dog bathtub opens up easily and collapses for storage.
Tub also includes a drain for easy water removal.
Clear plastic exterior
Rubber base
Metal coil rings that can collapse to hold structure. Straps at the bottom to assist with storage.
Handles at the top
Drain on the rubber base.
Manufacturing Facility - high intial capital investment
Made in America (Michigan, California, NJ tax benefits)
Distribution - supplies, work with past Walmart vendors.
Packaging - cardboard, picture of the tub, Paw Spaw logo
Size of pizza box (flat, lightweight, extra add-ins)
Distribution of product- working with Walmart
Past vendors routes and methods

Enhancing our community
The right fit

Wide open market

Need not covered

American made

Friendly, loyal and energetic...just like your dog
Percentage of dog owning households
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