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The Demon Lover

No description

Sofia S.

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of The Demon Lover

Literary Devices
Kathleen's time of engagement
past time with the soldier

the year (WW2), the house, the letter, the taxi, 7PM

suspenseful, eerie

Characterization: Kathleen
main character, a "prosaic" women, 44 years old mundane looking, inquisitive

Anxious, fearful

Gothic Canon Success
Short Story Overview:
Romantic Elements
Literary Devices
Kathleen's name
Change in weather, pausing of rain
Situational Irony- the announced death of the fiance

"Accelerating without mercy, made off with her into the hinterland of deserted streets" (line 198).

~ Activity ~

The Demon Lover

By: Elizabeth Bowen
Bowen used traumatic life events to aid the style of her writing
Terrifying events
Abnormal setting
Presence of death
Provokes unsettling questions
Explores a path of identity...or lack there of
The acute exploration of the human Psyche

1941, WW2, German Air Raids, London (Urban), disheveled house/estate

Kathleen, William Drover, Kathleen's 1st fiance

Point of view:
Kathleen & Narrator

Major Themes:
Fate & The Presence of the Past

Constant elevated emotion

Strong presence of deat

Element of supernatural


"Through the aperture driver and passenger, not six inches between them, remained for an eternity eye to eye. Mrs.Drover's mouth hung open for some seconds before she could issue her first scream. After that she continued to scream freely and to beat with her gloved hands on the glass all around the taxi, accelerating without mercy, made off with her into the hinterland of deserted streets" (lines 194-199).
"The young girl talking to the soldier in the garden had not ever completely seen his face...Now and then for it felt, from not seeing him at this intense moment, as though she had never seen him at all" (line 73-75).
"Wherever he may be waiting, I shall not know him. You have no time to run from a face you do not expect" (line 161).

"As things were, dead or living the letter-writer sent her only a threat" (line 116).

"It was possible she was not alone now. She might be waited for, downstairs. Waited for until when? Until 'the hour arranged'" (line 137).
Letter Sent to Kathleen
"Dear Kathleen: You will not have forgotten that today is our anniversary, and the day we said. The years have gone by at once slowly and fast. In view of the fact that nothing has changed,I shall rely upon you to keep your promise. I was sorry to see you leave London, but was satisfied that you would be back in time. You may expect me, therefore, at the hour arranged. Until then..."
(line 47-51).

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