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Brooklyn Bird Biodiversity

No description

urban ecology

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Brooklyn Bird Biodiversity

Brooklyn Bird Biodiversity
Research Questions
Are there more birds living around the park?

Are there more birds that live in high income areas than the low income areas?
We expected to see more bird species richness and abundance in the high income area

Also, we expected to see more birds closer to the park because if there are more trees, then there is more food.
What do we know
about urban birds?
Carroll Street
9 survey sites
5 minute observation at each site
How we did the surveys
We counted how many birds were sitting or walking, but not flying at each site.
We used the data from Fall 2013 and the data we collected this year, and compared the richness and abundance at each site.
Our results do not support our hypothesis possibly because......
Season change
More garbage
Humans affect the natural environment, including different plants and animals species.
Bird have to adapt to new urban landscape
It is important to study biodiversity because, our society often has negative effects on the environment
Thank You!!
Any Questions?
Low Income
High Income
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