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The Value of Design and Technology

My second presentation on the value of design and technology.

Frances Berry

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The Value of Design and Technology

The Value of Design and
Technology Starter Activity: Professor John Eggleston Memorial Lecture What can children today gain from D&T? To Finish with ... You have 2 minute to make a list of 5 reasons why Design and Technology is an vital lesson for children in schools today. This paper was written when Design and Technology was surrounded by uncertainty, David Bartlett justifies the inclusion of the subject through out the paper.
Firstly he talks about cultural significance,
Man is a singular creature. He has a set of gifts, which make him unique among animals; so that, unlike them, he is not a figure in the landscape - he is a shaper of the landscape. (page 9)
Bartlett then moves on to say that D&T allows young people to become more effective.
Developes Self-esteem and self-efficacy. pupils face practical challenges with no single answer.
He then speaks about the contribution of design and technology to economic recovery.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer in his most recent Budget Speech said, "We want the words ',made in Britain' created in Britain, designed in Britain, invented in Britain' to drive our nation forward" (Osborne 2011).
Bartlett then talks about how the contribution of D&T to engage with global challenges.
It is generally agreed that technology creates solutions that create problems which require further technology to solve (Arthur 2009, Kelly 2010). Using the lists you created in the starter activity, work in groups of two and put your combined list together and put them into order of importance on the work sheet. Lesson Objectives:
Analyze David Barlex talk about why D&T is an important subject in the curriculum.
Share and evaluate you ideas on the value of D&T.
Name designers that have effected our British Culture.
We are going to focus on the importance of having
Design and Technology included in schools today. Discussion... In groups discuss one of the four justifications highlighted in this paper:
cultural significance
Young people becoming more effective
Economic recovery
Global changes. The Value of Design and Technology Think about this? Without having D&T would mean that we were depriving the UK of its future culture.
English designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano or Jame Dyson have teams of people working behind their ideas. If we do not teach the knowledge of designing a product, testing a product and creating a product. Who will work for these designers, will English design not be part of English culture? Have your points changed from before? Design and Technology is:
· a process-based subject, which builds pupils/students’ capability to operate effectively and creatively in the made world
· based upon ‘knowing how’ rather than about ‘knowing that’, ie ‘action knowledge’ rather than ‘propositional knowledge’
· a learning experience that is both academic and practical, ie an interrelationship between conceptual knowledge and procedural knowledge
· empowering in that it is about creating change in the made world, about understanding processes and developing a capacity for bringing about changes
· a visionary activity; one that is about ‘what might be’ rather than ‘what is’, and therefore involves a special type of creative thinking that leads to the realisation of an artefact, system or environment
· purposeful in that it develops in response to perceived needs or opportunities and involves value judgements.
In addition, Design and Technology:
· draws on a richer range of learning styles than other curriculum subjects, mainly through project-based learning
· requires students to be creative but reflective problem solvers, either individually or in teams. Designs on the Curriculum? A review of the literature on the impact of Design and Technology in schools in England Can you name any British designers who have made and impact on the world? This speech was done at the John Eggleston Memorial Lecture by David Bartlett, it was delivered at the Design &Technology Association Education and International Research Conference, Design a Better Future, Friday 8th July 2011 at Keele University. David Bartlett Speech at the
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