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honey bunny

on 15 November 2015

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Transcript of Floods

What are the effects floods can do on the landscape and communities?
A flood effects hundreds and thousands of people.People can drown in floods, they can get sick and they can die. These are three safety issues involved with floods:

How do floods occur?

A warning system can be used to warn people about a natural disaster such as a flood.A warning system can be an alarm , a bell,a sign and they can also warn you on the weather fore cast and say where it's happening and when so you can be up to date.

They use warning systems to warn a place and warn the people, If a flood is going to happen they would hear their warning system or see it so they will know something like a flood is going to happen and what to do and when it is happening.They would do this to tell you so you won't get a shock or a fright and you won't worry so much because you knew it will happen soon.Also the quicker the people know the better because there will be less deaths and injury's.

A flood can destroy houses , shops, buildings, communities and natural things.Every year floods destroys more than 1 billion dollars of property. This can ruin lives, happiness and people can loose a lot of money , this can make people homeless or even just really sad. These have huge effects on people and make their lives depressing.
before after
What are the safety issues involved with floods?
Today I'll be speaking about the topic floods, which is a natural disaster. Through this presentation I'll talk about what are floods, how do floods occur ,where does it most often happen ,what are the effects on the landscape and community,what are the safety issues involved in a flood,how to prevent a flood and what do they use for warning systems?Now I will start my [prezi] presentation.

Wrecking lots of things.
buildings crashing.
Lots of water.
Warning systems for floods.
Weather news
Now I'll give my brief summery of what I've said.My topic was floods which is a natural disaster and I've tried to explain this to you by telling you how can a flood occur , what are the effects on the landscape and community's, safety issues involved with floods, how to prevent a flood and warning systems for floods.I hope I've explain well through my presentation and I hope you've learn't something new about floods from my presentation and how much damage a flood can do.Now hopefully you have more information about floods.


Floods do not always have severe[big] consequences[results], however, when it's large enough they can damage and change a lot of things.
Rivers overflowing
An overflow of water that can't be adsorbed.
Snow melting into water.
Heavy rainfall
Three main ways floods occur are:
When there is too much rain,the ground absorbs all the water it can and the rest of the water remains on land, this can cause a flood.
A flood can also happen when there's a lot of snow because when the snow melts a lot of water is produced.

They can also occur when it rains heavily on bodies of water ( like rivers or dams), this may be the way of overflowing them and causing the flood .
What is a flood?
Floods are a natural disaster.It is an overflow of water that is on land that isn't meant to be there and is trapped and can't go anywhere because there's so much water in the way that is trapped too so a flood is water that stays in one place and builds up.That is the definition of a flood.

Floods mainly happen in places on the coastal areas and on river flood plains.

However, they can also happen in areas where there is a lot of rain and snow as the bodies of water are prone [likely] to overflowing.

Where do floods happen?
This is what a floodplain would look like.
And these are the coastal areas.
The ways of occurring a flood.
2.There is another safety issue involved with a flood and it is when people become sick .It happens if the water has a dangerous bacteria which can have bad effects on people that we must be aware of. The main way for how people get sick and catch diseases is when drinking flood water because it is rarely clean.
3.Lastly a flood can kill people with electric wires .Wires can electrocute people when wet which can shock and even kill people. This is made worse by the fact that the electric wires could have fallen onto the group where it is more dangerous.
1.People can drown and be injured in floods depending on the level of the flood water, where the person is and the how rough the flood water is. Floods can vary[lots of different] in size and in degree of danger.These waters can cause drowning as they put people underwater or knock things over which can cause significant[a lot of] harm by trapping or hitting people.
1.Builders would normally install drains.This is because it will prevent rain from building up into a flood, and drains reduces the water level.So that is a way of preventing dangerous floods.
2.People can also prevent a flood by building dams.A dam can be made out of earth, concrete or it can be a natural dam.Dams are used to stall the water and therefore[thus] stops the water from rising.
A flood can be devastating[bad] though we can prevent it's effects in some ways.People can prevent severe[extreme] consequences by installing drains and adding dams.These are the 3 ways of preventing a flood that I'll be talking about.

This is a sea gate.
The ways of preventing a flood.
Weather fore cast
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