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What kind of animals live in saltwater?

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vandana R

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of What kind of animals live in saltwater?

Fresh water species
The End
Saltwater and Freshwater. Animals, humans plants pretty much any living organism needs it. Saltwater creatures have a bigger populations wheres freshwater creatures are more rare. Although its obvious that saltwater has more salt then freshwater but freshwater does have salt but it doesn't have as much salt as saltwater has. Saltwater is not something you can drink infact it s very dangerous for your health and freshwater is not that dangerous if you had to drink you could. Well it is called ``fresh.`` There`s a enormous difference between economy in saltwater and freshwater. Thank you
About Saltwater?
The animals that live in the salt water are most likely to be fish, Turtles , Dolphins, Salt Water crocodiles and whales including sperm, blue, killer
There are a lot small and big and rare species that live in the saltwater
if you were to fish in the saltwater's you'd be mostly likely to find and catch small fish.
WHALES (Saltwater)
- They usually live in saltwater. Most people say the water is salty because the salt comes from the whales sperm. (don't drink saltwater). Whales separate them selves from water and land. Which makes them survive. Whales are mammals, We are are mammals too which means we need water to survive. The water is not effective to the whales skin.
Humpback WHALES (Saltwater)
Humpback whales
Experts say they like to live in saltwater because it doesn't effect their skin and it also it appears that its easier for them to communicate easily. They "sing" to communicate their howls, groans and moans help them to attract their mate and help them communicate. Most of these whales are found near the coastlines where they are mostly feeding on shrimp, plankton and small fish.
Electric eel
- An Electric eel is a freshwater organism. That is very powerful and effective to the system. This type of organism can strike to about 600 volts. The Electric sting is used for hunting and self-defense. They live in muddy and mostly at the bottom of the river.
DOLPHINS (Saltwater)

hey live in both saltwater and freshwater, But most are found in saltwater. They are open-water fish. Which means they mostly swim around at the top of the ocean and not really the bottom. Dolphins are fast swimmer and Rarely there are dolphins that can drink saltwater.

Saltwater Crocodiles
- These predators are the biggest crocs on earth. They are also known as "Salties." They are excellent swimmers (Fast and Furious). They have been mostly spotted far out in the seas. Some people say they can eat a human. These Crocs are have a huge population in the freshwater .

Killer whales (Saltwater)
Killer whales
These type of whales are mostly found near coastlines and in open ocean. These type of whales are also called "Orcas." killer whales are the biggest memeber in the dolphin family. They bounce off sounds just like humpback whales to communicate and to find locations. Killer whales are mostly found in arctic and antarctic oceans, They are also found on the coasts of The United States and Canada.
River Otter (Freshwater)
Amazon River Dolphin (Freshwater)
Amazon River dolphin
- Its a rare animal that now lives in the freshwater systems. Its rare because people do over fishing and dolphins eat fish. They cant survive with out food.
Hippopotamus (Freshwater)
Hippos like to stay near by the water at all times. Usually they spend there time in the water, swimming around because if they are on land for to long they will start to dehydrate.

Snow Goose (Freshwater
Snow Goose
They usually fly around rivers because food is easy to catch (Fish). They breed close to the water. There nests are located in areas that have high grass and is damp.
American Alligator (Freshwater)
American Alligator
Alligators are traditionally found in freshwater such as rivers, swamps etc. Louisiana have the largest amount of alligators.
River otter
They usually Built there dens at a swamp or river anything that would make a good hiding place and a good place where they can enter and exit easily. The freshwater has alot of food provided for them,
All living things depend on freshwater. Freshwter is life. Water (Freshwater) plays a huge and important role in culture, living, shelter, nature pretty much everything today. Water plays an important role in the canadian economy. Some Animals need fresh water to survive. We drink freshwatre not saltwater.

Turtles are fast swimmers . There speed is about 1.5 to 2.3 kph (0.9-1.4 mph). They are mostly adapted at areas that are aquatic and they spent there whole lives around and swimming in a sea. Females come ashore to nests. They obtain the saltwater which means the saltwater doesnt effect them. They dont need freshwater. Turtles have salt gland which means it gets
rid of to much excess saltwater.
Turtles (saltwater)
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