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Rocky Heights Middle School

A virtual tour

Elysa Veta

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Rocky Heights Middle School

Welcome to the Main Office.
Principal- Mike Loitz
Assistant Principal- Bob Winter
Assistant Principal- Kelly Kirkpatrick
Administrative Dean- John Veit Mike Loitz, our Principal Scott Melanson,Tech Ed/Epub/Multimedia teacher Susie Ritter, the choir and drama teacher Maclain Looper, the drama teacher Walle Scott, the security guard Welcome to one of the Eighth grade wings. The three eighth grade wings are Mountaineers, Explorers, and Navigators. Each team has four core teachers and a Health/P.E teacher. Mrs. Amy Temple, head librarian Welcome to Base Camp, all major events happen here such as assemblies, lunch, and even school performances Scott Melanson- Tech Ed Teacher, Electronic Publishing Teacher, Nighthawk News Founder Welcome to the Band and Orchestra room, conducted by Scott McGowan who also teaches choir. Welcome to Digital Media. In this classroom, Kim Chlumsky teaches kids about the art of digital editing and creating.. This is one of the sixth grade wings. There are five sixth grade wings of about 90 kids and three teachers per team. Welcome to one of the seventh grade wings.The three seventh wings are Adventurers, Seekers, and Expeditioners. Each seventh grade wing has four core teachers and a health/P.E teacher. Lori King, the art teacher. She teaches drawing and 3-D sculptures Tim Ryckman, the Tech Ed teachers, a.k.a the BEST TEACHER EVER!!!!! . ThAnK yOu FoR wAtChInG!!!!
For More Information on RHMS Click the Link to go the the home page https://sites.google.com/a/dcsdk12.org/rockyheights-middle-school/
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