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Monica Dix

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Cincinnatus:

The Beginning
Cincinnatus was born in 519 BC and lived on his farm with his wife and his 3 sons. Not much is known about his parents and siblings [if he had any]. A funny fact about
Cincinnatus is that his name meant curly-haired!
The Fasces
In ancient times, the fasces was a
symbol of power.
The Selfless Acts Of Cincinnatus
Cincinnatus was given six months to be dictator, and have all the power.
Cincinnatus's Mission
In 460 BC Cincinnatus was in the council but he then resigned and went to live on his farm.
Cincinnatus Was A Great Hero
In 430 BC Cincinnatus dies, leaving his wife and three sons .
MORE Of The Selfless Acts Of Cincinnatus
Cincinnatus was called to dictatorship again when he was 80 years old! This time, there was a grain distribution scandal.
A Man To Remember
Cincinnatus was a very selfless and virtueous
man, who definetly played a part in the history
of Rome.
In this statue of him, he is holding a bundle of sticks with an axe in the middle, which is called a
Cincinnatus was given one of these
when he was the council and every
time he was "elected" dictator.
The fasces is a bundle of sticks with
an axe in the middle.
One day,messengers came to him while he was plowing his fields, telling him that he was wanted as a dictator.
He was told that the Romans have been in a war with the Aequins, and after the enemy lost a few battles, they tricked and trapped the romans!
Five Roman horse men escaped and went to warn the Romans. When the council heard of this, they decided to go ask Cincinnatus to be the dictator and help them to defeat the Aequins.
He was given six months to defeat the army, but defeated them in just sixteen days! Though he could have kept the power for five more months, he immediatly resigned and gave up his power and went back to work on his 4 acre farm.
He was a virtueous man and would do
anything to serve his country, so he
Once again, after he had completed
his mission, he resigned, gave up his power, and went back to work on his farm.
He will always be recognized as a Famous Man Of Rome.
A "Modern" Day Cincinnatus
Our first president, George Washington was
considered a "modern" day Cincinnatus, for he to
resigned his leadership to go work at his farm on
By:Isabella Dix
Famous Men Of Rome:
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Music: Take Me Out
Cincinnatus State
Cinncinnati, Ohio was named after the Roman hero,Cinncinnatus.
By:Isabella Dix
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By Atomic Tom
About Cincinnatus
1.How many sons did Cincinnatus have?
2.In what year was Cincinnatus a part of the council?
3.What does Cincinnatus mean?
4.How many Roman horse men escaped the Aequins trap?
5.How many acres was Cincinnatus's farm?
6.How much time was Cincinnatus given to be the dictator? How much time did it actually take him?
One of many
Famous Men
Of Rome!!
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