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Invention PBL

Our invention PBL..... Chopsticks!

Haley Murphy

on 30 January 2012

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Transcript of Invention PBL

Haley and Dani! Chopsticks are most commonly
made of wood, bamboo or
plastic, but can also be made
out of metal, bone, bronze, or
ivory. Chopsticks are traditional
eating utensils of China,
Mongolia, Japan, Korea,
Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and
Burma. They can also be found
in Tibet and Nepal.
Chopsticks are held in
the dominant hand
between the thumb and
fingers. The lower chopstick
is stationary and placed between the base of the thumb and the top of the ring finger, whilst the upper chopstick is placed at the top of the thumb and the middle and index finger and is moved to pick up food. You can basically eat any
foods with chopsticks. Some
foods we eat with our
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