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Colonial Parent

No description

dalton bell

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Colonial Parent

Colonial Parent
The colonial parent of Sudan were the British and they took over in 1874.
Why they took over
The British took over Sudan because they wanted to gain power of the Nile river and they wanted to have economic control because they had ports and other land advantages, that produced a lot of money.
The British invaded Sudan in 1882, and they wanted to make a nationalist revolution and this invasion was called "The British Conquest". They did this by negotiating agreements with the Italians and the Germans by keeping them out of the Nile Valley and then invading.
The country of Sudan gained independence on January 1st , 1956.
They gained independence from the Anglo-Egyptian condominium.
Britain agreed to their independence after the revolution in Egypt but there was a civil war between the northern and southern parts of Sudan , After the civil war northern Sudan was under Egyptian rule and southern was still under British rule.
How were they treated under the British?
They were treated both good and bad because the British created the Suez Canal which was good because it gave many people jobs but they were treated badly because they were not protected well, when there were invasions.
Some effects of imperialism was that there was a canal connecting the Red Sea and Mediterranean ocean directly, this lead to the Europeans invading Sudan later on. There were new products to purchase and there was an increase in jobs to create these products.
Currently Sudan has split into North Sudan and South Sudan, most conflicts are between the two. There are also legal and economic issues between these two Sudan's.
Independence Continued
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