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Important Dates in American History

Key dates to help students remember events in American history.

Lucy Spain

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Important Dates in American History

America Jamestown founded Declaration of Independence US Constitution Ratified Louisiana Purchase Seneca Falls
Convention The Great War
(World War I) The Harlem Renaissance The Great Depression World War II The Civil Rights Movement The Vietnam War 1929 1914-1918 1963 1941-1945 1965-1975 1920s 1787 1776 1492 1848 1803 1607 American Revolution Civil War breaks out. The Korean War begins. Four hijacked airliners are used by terrorists to destroy the World Trade Center in New York, and damage the Pentagon in the worst terrorist act in world history. The French and Indian War. The Battle of Gettysburg. The Boston Tea Party, angry colonists dressed as Indians dump English tea into Boston Harbor. The 19th Amendment is ratified, giving women the right to vote. 1773 1754 1775-1783 1861 1863 1950 2001 By Lucy Spain
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