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Samsung's Marketing Communication

No description

Irene Jimenez Jimenez

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Samsung's Marketing Communication

Samsung's Marketing Communication

Adrienne Barry
Amanda Jones
Hannah Campbell
Irene Jimenez

• Samsung was founded in 1938 by Byung-Chull Lee in Daegu, Korea. It was primarily focused on the exporting trade but grew into an electronics manufacturing company and global brand. Net sales in 2012 were recorded as $268.8 billion (Samsung 2013).

• They developed their first Smartphone in 1999. Samsung now have a collection of 46 Smartphone’s for sale and are the dominant global player in this industry (McDermmott 2013).

• Despite their position and technology forward products they still trail behind Apple in the UK Smartphone market.

We have identified an opportunity for Samsung in the UK market.
A Smartphone for the image conscious men and women, primarily between the ages of 16 and 35.
Make the phone more appealing to the younger fashion forward generation in order to boost its popularity.
Target audience:

People with disposable income who follow trends.
Existing Samsung customers who are interested in their leading technology.

16-35 image conscious men and women within the UK.
Situational Analysis
As diverse as the technology market is the competition remains very interwoven.

Global Market Sales (FIX)

Samsumg VS. Apple
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Bigger phone = Large Screen
Stylus – pen based activities

Iphone 5S

More sophisticated
Exclusive brand

Samsung does advertise but not in the right places and to the right people.
Much lower resolution
Worse battery

• To communicate prestige and image of product.

• Use selective advertising to reach target audience – e.g. advertise before show such as Made in Chelsea which is seen as upmarket.

• Use celebrity endorsements – popular figures such as Alexa Chung or DJ Nick Grimshaw.

• Strongly emphasize the multi – app ability, as our target audience mainly use their phones for social media.

• Also focus on HD large screen as “Mobile usage will surpass desktop in 2015” Morgan Stanley associates (2013).

• Use fast effective adverts that get to the point as “The average attention span of an online user is 90 seconds” Forbes.com (2013).

Strategy and tactics
Design a new marketing communication strategy that creates a higher status brand perception in the mind of our new target group.

Aim to achieve a significant market share within the UK mobiles market. Between 5-10% more during the first year.

Make the products more desirable for our target group, taking into account that the design is one of the main reasons leading to consume this kind of products in the UK.
Promote consumption of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 among the young people from the UK that we have selected as new target group.

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