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Iroquios Confederacy

Prezi made for social class

ethan suelzle

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Iroquios Confederacy

My Iroquios Confederacy Project By Ethan Suelzle Historical context Social structure Political Structure Wampum Belts Role of Women Consensus The Hoyenah were in charge of the people The clan mothers were in charge of the hoyenah The people could vote by consensus The Clan mothers chose the hoyeneah The women of the clan could vote in the womens councils The iroquios used consensus so that everyone had a say in things Consensus is when you all try to agree on an idea. The iroquois used wampum belts to make treaties with other native nations the most famous wampum belt was the Hiawatha Wampum belt The Iroquios confederacy took place in 1114 children often listened to meetings The women could vote The men could vote too Thanks for watching
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