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ooh, that smell

Will Moore

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of psy383_cannabis

endogenous ganja CB1 receptors retrograde signal generator inhibition of GABA-ergic neurons one of the most widely distributed metabotropic receptors in the CNS Cellular Effects inhibit cAMP
block voltage-gated
Ca channels
open K channels Downstream Consequences CB1 in mPFC activate
5-HT neurons in the raphe Is cannabis an anti-depressant? trichomes etymology cannabis kan marijuana maraguanquo intoxicating plant pot potiguaya cannabis leaves Species* of Weed cannabis sativa longest growing period
tall and wispy
'cerebral,' stimulating effects cannabis indica shorter growing period
shorter and fatter
narcotic, sedating effects cannabis ruderalis fastest growing period (flowering independent of photoperiod)
hardiest, most weed-like
less THC, more CBD chemicals in cannabis sativa (-)-[delta 1]-3,4-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol (most active cannabinoid)
(-)-[delta 6]-3,4-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol
tetrahydrocannabitriol (aka cannabitriol)
cannabidiolic acid
cannabinol (forms after plant dies)
THC acids A and B (inactive unless smoked) cannabigerol
cannabigerolic acid
cannabichromenic acid
cannabicyclol (aka cannabipinol)
cannabicyclolic acid
cannabielsoic acids A and B
cannabinolic acid (neutral cannabinoid)
2-oxo-[delta 3]-tetrahydrocannabinol
cannabigerol monomethyl ether
cannabidiol monomethyl ether
cannabinol methyl ether
propylcannabidiol (aka cannabidivarol & cannabidivarin)
propylcannabinol (aka cannabivarol & cannabivarin)
propyl-[delta 1]-THC (aka [delta 1]-tetrahydrocannabivarol & tetrahydrocannabivarin)
methylcannabidiol (aka cannabidiorcol)
methylcannabinol (aka cannabiorcol)
methyl-[delta 1]-THC (aka [delta 1]-tetrahydrocannabiorcol)
[delta 1]-tetrahydrocannabivarolic acid choline
L-isoleucine betaine
cannabisativine (alkaloid found in the roots) resinous glands designed to catch pollen
densest concentration of cannabinoids
if unpollenated, energy that would go into reproduction is instead diverted to trichome development Did Shakespeare smoketh yon reefus? Francis Thackery claims to have found cannabinoid residue in pipes recovered from Shakespeare's garden

Attempting to exhume his body & test teeth, toenails and hair for evidence 'Then begins a journey in my head, to work my mind, when body's work's expired' (Sonnet 27). 'Invention in a noted weed' (Sonnet 76) principle cannabinoids THC



THCV (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)



(tetrahydrocannabivarin) major cannabinoids trace cannabinoids nitrogenous compounds * * err, cannabis Sanskrit Mexican Spanish indigenous Mexican sinsemilla sin semilla "without seeds" Spanish anandamide + + + cannabis: a sticky-icky issue What does weed do? sedative/hypnotic
alters mood, cognition, perception dopamine system motivated behavior
'drug wanting' opioid system hedonic pleasure
'drug liking' endocannabinoid system modulates relationship between pleasure and motivated action
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