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No description

Tímea Csató

on 7 August 2018

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Name: Tímea Csató
Date of Birth: 8th September, 1975
Address: 1028 Budapest, Rend utca 29.
Email: timea.csato5@gmail.com
Phone no: 3620 534 0636

2000 - 2003
Teacher of English as a Foreign language
Hungarian Ministry of Finance
Hungarian State Railways
Hungarian News Agency
2003 - 2008
2003 - 2004
Tesco Hungary Plc Head Office - Budaörs, Hungary
Support Office
Translator - interpreter
Translate internal communication documents, store news, project documents
interpret at meetings, conferences, store visits
stand in for executive assistants during the holiday period
make reports upon request on company projects
2004 - 2006
Tesco Hungary Plc - Western Region
: Székesfehérvár, Várpalota, Veszprém, Ajka,
Tapolca, Keszthely, Zalaegerszeg, Siófok,
Dunaújváros, Százhalombatta, Szolnok, Kecskemét
Assistant to the Area Director
Deliver translations and interpretations during store visits, conference calls, regional conferences, store and employee performance reviews
Organise regional events, meetings conferences
Make reports on project and store performance
Make travel bookings for the Area Director and the Regional Manager Team of 6
Make cost settlements for Area Director and the Regional Team
Keep contact with store management teams, head office departments
2006 - 2007
Tesco Hungary Plc - Head Office, Budaörs
Project Assistant - Simple Ordering Project
Make and analyse reports on project implementation, store performance, operational issues, propose possible solutions
Edit project implemantation training pack for store teams
Test new operational processes
2007 - 2008
Tesco Hungary Plc - Head Office, Budaörs
Personal Assitant to the Commercial Director
Calendar management
Organise meetings, conferences
Keep contact with suppliers
Assist with expat status related matters
Train, review the work of the assistants of the Trading Directors
Deliver onboarding training plans for new employees
Ensure smooth operation in the commercial department
Make reports, presentations
2010 -2011
2010 -2011
Kométa 99 Ltd - Trading Office, Budapest / Head Office, Kaposvár
Assistant to the Trading Director

To manage the Trading Director's, Meat Sales Manager and Processed Meat Sales Managers' calendar
To interpret at meetings and to record minutes
To do follow-up on next steps agreed
To ensure smooth admin operation in Budapest Trading Office
To deliver effective product sample and free goods procedures
To make and analyse sales reports, to investigate possible reasons behind results.
To keep contact with field sales team, with partners
2011 - 2012
2011 - 2012
Metro Cash and Carry - Head Office, Budaörs
Assistant to the Offer Management Director

To manage the Offer Management Director's calendar.
To assist the Heads of Buying with admin tasks
To make travel arrangements for the complete top management of Metro Cash and Carry Hungary
To keep records of holidays, trainings, onboarding-leaving processes
To make and analyse forecast - delivery reports
To execute office managerial tasks in Offer Management and Marketing Dept.
2012 - ongoing
Teacher of English
as a Foreign Language
Metro Cash and Carry, Eon
MKB Leasing Ltd, Aliaxis Ltd.
Tesco Ltd.
Regional Monthly Performance Tracker Report
Simpe Ordering Project Training Pack
Simple Ordering Project Implementation Report
Free Goods/Product Sample management process
Onboarding Training Program for Commercial Dept.
Ganz Skoda Ltd
New cost settlement form
New holiday tracking process and report
New archiving system
Kométa 99 Ltd:
Free goods/product sample management process
Admin process re-arrangement, structural change
Sales Tracker, Promo Tracker Report
Metro Cash and Carry Ltd:
Rolling Forecast Report, Holiday Tracker Report
Meeting structure system
Office supply ordering process
Internal post system
Intranet page update
Microsoft Office applications (Win 2010)
Word, Excel (ECDL), PowerPoint (ECDL), Prezi
Outlook, Visio
WinTa schedule planner programme
Oracle-i-Procurement SAP, Habel e-invoicing programme, Innvoice Cloud
Dreamweaver 8
Converters( VisualSubSync, Handbrake, Freemake)
Audacity, Youtube


English - advanced level, translator-interpreter

Dutch - conversational level

Type "B" with many years of experience on manual and automatic geared cars

Phone number: +3620 534 0636
E-mail address: timea.csato5@gmail.com


2000. Károli Gáspár University of the Hungarian Reformed Church, Department of English language and Culture -

University Degree

1996. Károli Gáspár Univerisity of the Hungarian Reformed Church, Department of Dutch Language and Culture -

Certificaat van Nederlands als Vreemde Taal - International Dutch Language Exam at Intermediate Level

1995. KOTK - Tourism and Foreign Trade Business Training Centre

English Speaking Tour Guide Certificate

1994. Petőfi Sándor Secondary Grammar School

Final Exam


7th October, 2013 DW Conference
- Practice Management

1st March, 2013 University of Economics, Budapest
- SimTeam - Strategical Management

1st-30th November, 2009 Mészáros Training IT Training Course Budapest
- Static Webpage Designer Course

1st-31st October, 2006 Soterline Training Centre Budapest
- ECDL Excel and PowerPoint
Your Company?
Ganz - Skoda Ltd.
Office Manager - Assistant to the CEO and to the Trading Director

To ensure smooth office operation- maintain office equipment
To order stationery for the office and for the company's plant in Baja
To Manage company fleet
To Manage invoices
To control staff holiday scheme
To keep account of the contracts, ongoing projects
To keep contact with the shareholders, partners and with decision-makers at local authorities
To deliver media watch
To establish achiving system
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