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Anika Claassen

on 4 May 2010

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Are we having communication technology overkill? Your Opinion Yes? No? It depends on your aspect of technology If technology is an overkill for you
it simply means that you like to be outside.
Your parents probably love you for that!
You like to be in front of the screen all day?
Then there is probably no problem for you
on this issue.But LISTEN. Aptera - Futuristic Car
The Aptera was designed as an electric vehicle. The Aptera company looked at a new car with hybrid gasoline / electric car, which could be classified as a motorcycle because of it's wheel layout and weight. It has airbags and meets all of the safety regulations for a passenger car. Is this your Idea of overkill or not?
This is what we are planning for the future Software Overuse
In 1990 new software for presentation burst onto the screen. It won a lot of fans in schools/academy. Programs like Powerpoint, ToolBook and Harvard Graphics with easy to follow bullet points and cool graphics won the students attention. It took learning from boring to interesting. But, 10 years later, the coolness of the programs started to wear off. Students started to complain that the teachers overused the software examples like flicking quickly through dull slides, or reading them aloud not teaching them clearly. Websites can be very competative when it comes to:
Fastest Loading
When users get stuck on a website and waits forever they usually switch to a faster moving website.
Another thing is attractiveness when a website looks like a normal HTML page, people would wearily trust it. Websites that have gadgets, adds, links and "sponsered by Google" usually get most attention. Website Overkill Competative websites Which Webstite looks more formal? In my family's opinion there are way to much online chats and objects to support technic communication.
Objects like Blackberry's or PoisonBerry's as I like to call it, my father has one and can't seem to get off it. It is not just my father though during the release of the BlackBerry and now, I have surveyed that all family members who have one have an addiction to it.
This is only the BlackBerry as there are countless other that can have an affect the balance of communication technology overkill. Like Twitter,Facebook ,MSN, e-mail, SMS/MMS, and other chat rooms.
Objects like phones, laptops, itouch, Ipad, Ipods,Computer are all there for online Chat they have their positives but in my eyes the Negatives are a bit heavier than the positives. The Conclusion is yours to make. Which website Looks More formal?
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