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The Diary of Anne Frank

No description

Kevin Nungaray

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank Characters:
Anne Frank
Margot Frank
Mr. Frank
Mrs. Frank
Peter Van Daan
Mr. Van Daan
Mrs. Van Daan
Mr. Dussel
Miep Gies
Mr. Kraler The time: July 1942- August 1944
November 1945 The Place :
The Netherlands Exposition:
Anne Frank and her family were getting eveything they could carry to go to the secret annex with the Van Daans. Rising Action: The rising action is when the
thief breaks into the secret annex and the secret annex residents were getting nervous thinking it was the green police (the nazis). Climax: The climax occured when
the Secret Annex's telephone rings
and Mr. Frank does not want to
answer the phone because he thinks
it's the green police and Mr. Van Daan
wanted to answer the phone because
he thought it was Miep or Mr. Kraler. Falling Action:
The falling action is when the Secret
Annex residents are captured by the
green police and they were taken to
concentration camps. Resolution:
The resolution is when everyone except Mr.
Frank ends up getting killed by the Nazis and Mr. Frank reads the rest of Anne's diary. Flashback : A Flashback is an interruption of the
action to present events that took place
at an earlier time.

An author might use a flashback to provide
background information on the current
situation. Author's flashback: A flashback occured when
Anne Frank was thinking about
how much her life changed over
the past years and she missed when
she was in school and when she was
with her friends. Foreshadowing: Forshadowing occurs when a
writer provides hints that suggest
future events in the story. This
creates suspense. Foreshadowing:
Foreshadowing occured when
the thief goes in the Secret
Annex because that was a hint
that they were going to be
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