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Palestine Presentation

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Omar Safi

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of Palestine Presentation


Where's Palestine?
Palestine located in South-West Asia.

In the heart of the Middle East.

Great strategic location because it's linking the three continents with each other.
There's four countries around Palestine:

-Jordan from East.

-Mediterranean sea from West.

-Lebanon & Syria from North.

-Egypt and Gulf Of Aqaba from South.
The Total area of Palestine is around
27,000 square kilometers.
- little smaller than US State of Massachusetts.
Palestine Weather

Hot, dry in summer.

cold rainy in winter.
is 3.8 Million.
Religion: The vast majority are Muslim.
around 3% Christian.
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Theodor Herzl
Zionist leader, was born in Hungary.
Many jewish separated in different countries and his idea was to make alternative to gather them in one country.
He made a conference in 1897 to obtain support for his idea.
After that they decided to built their country in Palestine.
Jewish immigration started
Proclaim of Israel
First Arab-Jewish war
Palestinian Refugees
More than 700,000 Refugees.
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) defines a Palestine refugee as:
-A person whose normal place of residence was Palestine.
-between June 1946 and May 1948.
-who lost both their homes and means of livelihood as a result of the
1948 Arab-Israeli conflict
Some actions that Israel committed against Palestinian:
How Palestine becomes through years...
What remains from Palestine:
West Bank.
Gaza Strip.
East Part of Jerusalem.
Palestinian now owned only 22% from their land.
Some Palestinian Traditions:
Traditional food & dessert :

Hummus & Falafel
Maqlubah (Upside-down)

-Special dough.
-Thick syrup of sugar and pistachios.
Traditional Costumes:
Traditional Dance (Dabka):
Holy and famous places in Palestine:
Al- Aqsa Mosque :
-Located in the Old City of Jerusalem.
-Muslims consider it as a holy place because they believes that prophet Muhammad (pbuh) pray on it with all prophets.
-One of the most holiest places for Muslims.
-There's 15 gates leads to Al- Aqsa Mosque and The Dome of The Rock.
The Dome of the Rock:
-Built besides Al- Aqsa Mosque by Abd Al Mlek Bin Marwan in 691 CE.
Church of the Holy Sepulchre:
-where it's believed that Jesus crucified.
- lies in the northwest quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.
-It was dedicated in 336 CE.
-Burned and destroyed many times.
-City of Palm trees.
-One of the oldest cities in the world, was discovered in 11,000 years BCE.
-The lowest point on earth around 417m(1368 Feet) below sea level.

-Overlooking on the Dead Sea, which is tourist and remedial area that cures some skin diseases.
-Dead sea mud.

- Checkpoints
-Separation Wall

in 2002 in West Bank to prevent Palestinian to enter their area.
The total length 786 Km, until now they built 400 Km from it.
Destroyed many agriculture lands.
Reduce the available water supply .

Agriculture Crops in Palestine:
Olive Trees
More than 5 Million around the world.
Separated each city from the others.
Restrict the movement of Palestinian and prevent them going to jobs, schools and hospitals.
Israel didn't get enough from taking Palestinian lands and try to control what remains from West Bank and Gaza.
Taking strategic places and built residential areas.
There are 205 settlements in the West Bank (including Jerusalem) and Gaza Strip.
General Information
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Some Palestinian Traditions
Famous and Holy Places in Palestine
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