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Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters

No description

Koko Casey

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson is the hero of this movie because he is the one who, with the help of his friends and half-brother (Tyson), attains the Golden Fleece. When the Golden Fleece is brought back to the Half-Blood Camp, Thalia's tree is brought back to life and the protective barrier is restored. Not knowing how powerful the Golden Fleece is, as Thalia's tree is restored back to health, Thalia, the daughter of Zeus, was resurrected.
Mr. Brunner/ Chiron
Mr. Brunner, or Chiron ("The Wisest of the Centaurs"), is the mentor of Percy Jackson, along with many other heroes. He is the one who informed Percy where to find more information about a prophecy Percy assumes includes him. The prophecy states that he will either be the one to cause the rise of the camp or be the one to destroy it.
Thalia's Tree
There are a lot of "Calls to Adventure" in this movie. First of all, Thalia's tree is poisoned, causing the protective barrier around the Half-Blood Camp to be broken.
Golden Fleece
Next, is the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece is said to heal anything and everything. Although Mr. Brunner creates a temporary antidote for Thalia's tree, they know they'll need something more powerful to heal it permanently.
Another call is the prophecy. Percy believes that the prophecy is talking about him, so he feels that it is his responsibility to attain the Golden Fleece.
Competitive Spirit
Lastly, Percy lets him competitive spirit get the best of him. Clarisse, the daughter of Ares, is constantly badgering Percy and beating him in almost every physical activity they are put to. Clarisse is assigned to this quest for the Golden Fleece, and Percy, not wanting to once again feel defeated by Clarisse, decides to go on the quest as well.
Ordinary World
Percy's ordinary world is the Half- Blood camp. The camp is protected by a barrier from Thalia's tree. Thalia is the daughter of Zeus, and she was killed while trying to protect her friends, so they could safely make it to the camp. This is where he lives, trains, and learns about the history of his kind.
Kidnapping Grover
When they first enter the "real world," they decide to make a quick stop for coffee. Shortly after, Grover gets kidnapped by Luke, because he knows that in order to attain the Golden Fleece, they need a satyr. This starts off the journey.
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Tests- Tyson
Allies- Hermes
In the "real world," the only person that helps them is Hermes, messenger of the Gods. Ironically, he works at a UPS in the real world. He helps them by giving them the location of Luke, who is also his son, so that they could find Grover.
Enemies- Luke and His Group of Traitors
The enemies in this movie is Luke and his group of half-blood traitors. While Clarisse, and Percy and his friends are trying to get the Golden Fleece to heal Thalia's tree and restore the barrier around the camp, Luke is trying to get it to resurrect Kronos, the King of the Titans. He wanted to rule the world alongside of Kronos, like it had been many, many years ago.
In the beginning of the movie, Percy discovers that he has a half-brother, who is half-demigod and half-cyclops. Since he is new to the camp, and definitely different from everyone else, Percy doesn't know if he could be helpful or just dead weight on their quest. His loyalty towards his brother is tested because Percy knows that Annabeth has a hatred towards cyclops, and he doesn't know whether to agree with Annabeth, or help his brother become an asset to group.
Charybdis and Polyphemus
After escaping Luke's yacht safely, Tyson drops the thermos into the water, and him, Percy, and Annabeth are swallowed by Charybdis, the protector of the sea of monsters. While in her stomach, they run into Clarisse, her ship, and her crew of zombies. They devise a plan to shoot cannons into the side of her stomach, creating an exit for escape. After they escape, still in search of Grover, they arrive on Circle Land. This is known as the home of the Cyclops, Polyphemus. They find Grover disguised as a Cyclops working as his servant. They notice that the Golden Fleece is hanging on a belt around Polyphemus’s waist. After a lot of pain from fighting the cyclops, they get the Golden Fleece, and trap him in his underground cave.
After Tyson’s death, Luke takes Percy and his friends as captives. Luke, now that he has the Golden Fleece, believes that his plan of resurrecting Kronos is "right on track." As Kronos is being brought back to life, Percy takes out his sword and cuts himself and all of his friends free from being tied to the legs of a rollercoaster. All of them begin fighting against Luke’s group, and Percy goes for Luke, who is guarding the Golden Fleece on Krono’s tomb. Just as Luke gets the upper hand, Tyson jumps in and hits Luke. He explains to Percy that as the son of Poseidon, he was healed when he fell into the water. However, the Golden Fleece had already done it’s job, and Kronos ws resurrected. During the fight, Kronos swallows Luke and Grover, and some sort of scorpion-like animal stabs Annabeth in the heart. Percy is snatched by Kronos, but ends up defeating him by stabbing him with his sword.
Golden Fleece
After Percy slays Kronos, he rushed to get the Golden Fleece, off of the tomb, to bring to Annabeth who has just been stabbed in the heart by a scorpion-like creature. He then lays the fleece over Annabeth, and all of them watch as she is resurrected.
Golden Fleece
The "elixir" in this movie is the Golden Fleece. Since it is said to heal anything and everything, they use it to restore Thalia's tree back to health. Although it was Percy that attained the Golden Fleece, he tells Clarisse that since it was her quest, she should be the one to bring it back to the camp. Not knowing how powerful the Golden Fleece really was, after healing Thalia's tree, Thalia herself is resurrected.
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