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Sena 5 Seconds of Summer

No description

Unity Point

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Sena 5 Seconds of Summer

Ashton Irwin
Born in Australia
Full name: Ashton Fletcher Irwin
Loves banding, (he made the word up... it's a verb,) drinking Sprite, and wearing bandanas.
Birthday: July 7th, 1994 (Age 20)
Born in Australia
Full name is Michael Gordon Clifford
Loves video games, pizza, being lazy, and dying his hair.
Birthday: November 20th, 1995 (Age 19)
How they got discovered?
After they released their first EP, "Unplugged," they got rediscovered by Louis Tomlinson, (from One Direction,) despite their Australian fan base. That's when they blew up in...
every other country.
Calum Hood
Born in Australia
Full name is Calum Thomas Hood
Loves R&B music, Katy Perry, and the band McFly
Birthday: January 25th, 1996 (Age 18)
Luke Hemmings
Born in Australia
Full name: Luke Robert Hemmings
Loves Penguins, Procrastinating, and Lounging.
Birthday: July 16th, 1996 (Age 18)
5 Seconds of Summer
by Sena Ntumy & Kaitlyn Ting

5 Seconds of Summer, or 5SOS, are a pop/rock Australian band who have been together officially for 4 years since their release of their first song that they did together as an official band, "Gotta Get Out."
"You know that you're tired when you fall asleep in the shower."
Michael Clifford
"I do what I want, I'm punk rock."
"I get emotional when it comes to food."
"I only got forever and forever is fine."
Don't Stop EP
Amnesia EP
Good Girls EP
Somewhere New EP
She Looks So Perfect EP
First Album
Everything I Didn't Say
Long Way Home
English Love Affair
Just Saying
The Only Reason
Gotta Get Out
Wherever You Are
Heartbreak Girl
Close As Strangers
Independence Day
Voodoo Doll

(EP means extended play)
"If what we had was real, how could you be fine?"

"Torn in two, and I know I shouldn't tell you but I just can't stop thinking of..."
-Wherever You Are

"This ain't a movie that I wanna see..."
-Heartache on the Big Screen
"I pierced my lip so she thinks I'm cool. I ripped my jeans and dropped out of school."
-Try Hard
"I bite my tongue, but I wanna scream out, you can be with me now, but I end up telling you what you wanna hear..."
-Heartbreak Girl

"Who are they to try and put us down?"
-Social Casualty

"My teacher said, I was mentally disabled, so unstable. So I'll stay in bed, all day..."
"Even when the sky is falling down...
-Gotta Get Out

"And it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest and I'm having trouble catching my breath..."
-Voodoo Doll
"I'm not gonna waste my life away..."
-Independence Day

"Taking every breathe away, with all of the mistakes I've made, from all the letters that I've saved...
-Everything I Didn't Say
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