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Reaching Your "Peak" Performers

CEB SHL Talent Measurement Solutions - Sales Presentation

Mitchell Flaherty

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Reaching Your "Peak" Performers

Reaching Your "Peak" Performers
with CEB's SHL Talent Measurement Solutions
How do you Acquire quality talent ?
How do we tackle the challenge of quality talent Acquisition ?
Volume Recruitment
How do you effectively Mobilse your Talent ?
How do you ensure you continue to Develop talent ?
Identifying the
Graduate Recruitment
XYZ Telecommunications
Pty Ltd
Managerial / Professional Hire
Efficient online application management speeds up finding the right candidates
Behavioural assessments link to your competency framework. So you know you are getting the right necessary for the job.
Realistic job previews (RJPs), multimedia assessments, and job-specific simulations help applicants determine their fit with XYZ
Ability and personality tests assess a candidate’s potential to do the job and add value

Situational judgment tests, culture compatibility and values measures ensure a good fit with the role and organisation
Volume Recruitment
Our Graduate Recruitment solutions help you find the right candidate the first time
Sophisticated online assessment tools help you objectively screen, select and hire the right candidates
Realistic job previews provide engaging, predictive introductions to the role and company
Cutting edge multimedia technology to communicate your employer brand and provide a positive candidate experience
Maximising quality of graduate hires improves return on investment
Innovative Talent Analytics capability allows you to understand how your attraction and recruitment process stacks up against your competitors
Graduate Recruitment
Define senior role requirements with our Universal Competency Framework
Match manager candidates to the job and organisation
Identify future leaders by evaluating multiple competencies (coaching, decision-making)
Align people with strategy to drive business outcomes
Use our leadership assessments to measure team management capabilities
Managerial / Professional Hire
XYZ Telecom
Pinpoint high-potential leadership talent
Employee Development
XYZ Telecom
Determine gaps between current talent and business demands
Assess/increase bench strength in key roles
Identify individual/organisational strengths and weaknesses

Talent Audit
Mobility Challenges
Acquisition Challenges
The weak economy has lead to large numbers of candidates for every position
Poor hiring decisions increase staff turnover – which is costly and hurts productivity
There are more graduates for fewer roles and qualifications are not always indicative of success
A shortage of talent, especially at senior levels, is making good recruitment critical
Underneath it all is our Talent Analytics
As your needs change, it can be hard to determine who would be best to move between roles
Decisions regarding promotions are too often subjective without knowing their full capabilities
Lack of in depth analysis means that aligning skills to the business strategy is guesswork
Ongoing Development
Identifying the abilities and potential of your individual personnel and teams
Forecasting the skills gaps appearing in existing and future roles
Creating custom development plans to maximise potential in current roles can be time consuming and difficult without the proper information.
How do we work with you to ensure the development of
your talent ?
How we help you effectively Mobilise your talent ?
Prepare individuals for internal movement and growth
Identify and build future leaders
Evaluate talent capabilities using clear, measurable competency maps
Examine individual/team/functional alignment with organisational strategy and objectives
Provide objective, practical feedback that yields concrete results in staff development
Identify new talent from your pipeline

Proactively place talent to deliver on new strategic or operational initiatives
Link individual and group workforce development to business strategy
Combine assessment and performance data with workforce capability analysis
Analyse skill and competency gaps for current/future roles
Ensure employee readiness with skills and knowledge certification
Encourage employees to discover career interests, talents and opportunities (career exploration)
Identify and retain high-potential, high-value talent in your organisation
Create personalised development plans to maximise employee potential
Equip managers with assessment tools to guide employee development plans
Succession Planning
Time to retire
I have what it takes
Determine key roles essential to business success
Define required competencies for future roles
Identify suitable internal candidates using assessment tools to evaluate skills, behaviours and potential
Objectively match employee strengths to potential roles
Prepare staff to transition to key roles as opportunities arise
Equip high-potential employees to manage progressively advanced responsibilities
Accelerate ramp-up to full productivity with internal vs. external hires
Reduce risk of derailment by preparing proven internal talent well in advance of transition
Assess high-potential individuals more accurately across all levels of your organisation
Build stronger talent pipelines through high-impact development programs
Improve success rates when employees move into more senior roles
Increase engagement and retention of high-potential employees
Potentially double revenue and profit growth from strong leaders
Critical Success Factors
Reduction of Costs
Increase in Revenue
Driving Leadership Effectiveness
Improving Efficiency and Quality
Reduction of Costs

employees 50% less likely to leave

21% more likely to achieve goals and 26% less likely to leave
63% reduction in turnover
£1.2M ($2.19M AUD) saved from reduction in repeat service calls
41% greater
productivity per person per month
Twice as likely to meet sales goals and
43% less likely to leave in first year
Increase in Revenue
15% higher monthly sales
Generate 7% more leads
21% more sales in first three
95% higher sales production
107% more likely to convert sales
Driving Leadership Effectiveness
Managed stores that had 35% lower
employee turnover rates
Managed stores that had 6% higher
Twice as likely to be top performers
and 56% more likely to provide
outstanding customer service
Four times as likely to lead teams with low
error rates, twice as likely to innovate
Three times as likely to be top
performers in sales, growth, and profit
59% higher employee engagement
Improving Efficiency and Quality
92% more likely to be effective performers
8% more calls completed
40 second reduction in average handle
85% more likely to receive top customer
service ratings
10% faster call completion, 17% fewer errors
14% increase in call handling volume
We help you better understand talent capabilities across the organisation
We assist you in developing roadmaps for key talent in the company
Assess individual and team readiness – including professional technical knowledge and job-relevant skills – against objectives
Expose under-utilised strengths and capabilities
Mobilise current workforce for new business opportunities
Present upward/lateral career opportunities
Tailor development to individuals based on strategic plans for mobility
Objectively promote talent based on ability and potential
Compare you talent with your competitors
Create a benchmarks for your employees
Utilise data to make informed decisions
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