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The Lightning Thief Ch. 5-8

No description

Vicky Moye

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of The Lightning Thief Ch. 5-8

Make a tree map of key characters from ch. 5-7. You decide who the key characters are so far, with the exception of Percy, and list important pieces of information that we know about these characters. Choose only key pieces that may/may not affect the plot. For example, it is not important to note that Grover eats aluminum cans, but it is important to know that he is a keeper whose job is to keep Percy safe. The more you list, the better. - Include Sally Jackson and Gabe Ugliano in this list. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Characteristics - Percy Create a multi-flow map that maps the causes and effects of Percy joining Camp Half-Blood. What leads to him getting there, and what are the effects of him being there? Chapter 8 * Chapter 5-7 maps need to be turned in today!
* Chapter 5-7 Test is tomorrow. You can use your maps
from today so be thorough.
*Chapter 8 maps will be due by the end of the period
tomorrow. The Lightning Thief Chapters 5-7 Assignment
& Chapter 8 Reading
Guide Choose one adjective and describe Percy in a short essay. Support with at least two pieces of evidence from novel - direct quotes. Answer in complete sentences. Key Characters Cause and Effect There are many key events in this chapter. Create a flow map of the events that happen in chapter 8. Make sure everything is neat and legible. Chapter 5-7 Assignment
Ends Here Create a bubble map for Percy using adjectives only in the bubbles. In the frame, support the adjective with textual evidence. Text evidence must be in quotes and you must give a page number from ch. 5-7. You need a
minimum of
5 adjectives. Turn in your work once you get to
this point. This is for a grade. Make sure you meet
all requirements. You will have a test over chapters
5-7 tomorrow. To begin chapter 8 move to next slide. You can use any information from chapters 1-7. Key Information After reading chapter 8, you should be able to answer the following:
1) What makes Percy stronger?
2) Explain WWII according to this chapter.
3) Who is Thalia and what happened to her?
4) What happens in the game?
5) Who does Percy belong to?
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