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Organic Molecules

No description

John Lui

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of Organic Molecules

Organic Molecules
These molecules are found in living organisms. They are carbon based molecules that form many shapes and sizes.
Are built of long chains of carbon that make waxes, oils, fats, and parts of the cell membrane. Long term energy storage.
Is a molecule that encodes the genetic blueprint for an organism. DNA is located in the cell's nucleus and tells it what to do. DNA is built of nucleotides.
Are carbon based rings that form sugars. There are many types of sugars. They provide living organisms with energy.
Are molecules made of amino acids which contain NITROGEN. They provide support and function for the cell. Your entire body is made of protein.
Even though it is not organic, one still needs it for life. Water is bipolar and helps with the chemistry in your body.
Molecules of Life
There are 4 main groups
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