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How to Make a Presentaiton for Group Speech

Communications 2010

Adrinna Beltre

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of How to Make a Presentaiton for Group Speech

How to for Presentations Well-designed Slides should be well-designed (i. e. made specifically for presentation purposes) and should remain on display for a significant length of time while you explain them. Don’t just click away in 5 seconds
"Flashing" "Flashing" slides are tacky
In general 10 slides (including the title/intro and conclusions) is plenty for a 12-minute talk graphical figures Leave graphical figures up for a long time while you talk Text Keep text to a minimum
use abbreviations, acronyms, etc. The following is the wrong way------- 
Ancient philosophy is the philosophy of the Graeco-Roman world from the sixth century [circa 585] B.C. to the fourth century A.D. It is usually divided into three periods: the pre-Socratic period, the periods of Plato and Aristotle, and the post-Aristotelian (or Hellenistic) period. Sometimes a fourth period is added that includes the Christian philosophers as well as Neo-Platonist ones (some of whom also called themselves 'Philalethians.') The most important of the ancient philosophers (in terms of subsequent influence) are Plato and Aristotle[7].
The themes of ancient philosophy are: understanding the fundamental causes and principles of the universe; explaining it in an economical and uniform way; the epistemological problem of reconciling the diversity and change of the natural universe, with the possibility of obtaining fixed and certain knowledge about it; questions about things which cannot be perceived by the senses, such as numbers, elements, universals, and gods; the analysis of patterns of reasoning and argument; the nature of the good life and the importance of understanding and knowledge in order to pursue it; the explication of the concept of justice, and its relation to various political systems[8].
In this period the crucial features of the philosophical method were established: a critical approach to received or established views, and the appeal to reason and argumentation.
Slides should be well-designed
10 slides is plenty for a 12-minute talk.  
  use abbreviations, acronyms, etc.
Then you explain all of the necessary info that is in between!!!
Color Keep the backgrounds simple - one color or a gradual fade (for PPT).
For Prezi, use a nice, clean background that isn't too distracting.
Whatever you do, the background should be uniform all the way through 
Avoid presentation animations (e. g. text sliding onto page), although animations of content (movies) can be very effective. Animations Organize your presentation to present a story logically.
Emphasize key points Organize Rehearse Take the time to rehearse your presentation.
If it is too long, eliminate material.
If too short, add material. Any Questions?
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