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this is my intro for my exibition

Bethlehem Cocchini-beck

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Introduction

Welcome to my 2nd trimester exhibition.
Current event Articles.
A Cats 200-miles trek home leaves scientist guessing.
Gun control 2 column notes
Many more images, much less meaning.
Unveiling Europe/ 2 column notes
News reflection
1. Advisory
2. LTI/LTI Project

3. Literacy

4. QR

5. Extended Day

6. Activity

7. Conclusion
Reflection on 2nd trimester.
things i need to work on.
Edmodo Assignments:
Music breakdown
Journal entries
Other Assignments:
William Miller PowerPoint
Project proposal
Creative writing
5 paragraph essay
Effort & Engagement:
I understand what my mentor expects of me and I always try to meet her expectations
I always ask questions when I don't understand something.
I take initiative by having my own expectations of the kids.
I try to complete all the my duties to the best quality I can.

Self-Assessment & Related Career Awareness:
I always know what I'm doing, and what my purpose is.
My LTI connects to my interest and post MET plan because i want to be a doctor.

Workplace Knowledge & Skill Development:
Teaching and interacting with the kids.
I have experience and a lot of knowledge in kids.

Dress properly
present and on time
positive & appropriate workplace relationships

Organization & Documentation
LTI reflection sheet
RWL rubric mentor edition
Time sheet
Work Sheets/warm ups
Most proud work
Example problem
Reflective conclusion
Extended Day
LTI reflection
LTI project

3 judges
3 groups of 4
Things needed:
step 1: Pick a category from the bowl to rap about.

step 2: On your piece of paper write as many bars as you can.

*Beat is optional*

(no swearing, drugs/alcohol, or sexual content)
Book Report
Character List
Effort & Engaggement:
RWL Rubric
"Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest"
---my fortune cookie
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