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Body Of Evidence

Tyia Johnson

grade5 media

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Body Of Evidence

Body of Evidence Made by :Tyia Johnson On Febuary 13 2000 a man named Bob Dorotik went running around 1:00 P.M. and he never came back. At 7:45 his wife Jane called the police and reported him missing. At about nine hours later on febuary 14 the police found Bob's body by the woods where he was jogging. The pathologist started to look for evidence to see if they can find out who killed Bob. When the pathologist from the crime lab came they started to look for evidence for the time of Bob's death. the pathologist said that Bob was dead for at least 12 hours. At 9:30 A.M. on february 15 the pathologist performed a five-hour, autopsy of Bob's corpse, beginning on the outside. They found the precicise size, shape, and color of every mark on his body They deteced seven different places with cuts and bruises on his head, and rope marks on his neck. They also found more than a dozen superfical injuuries. the pathologist found a piece of scalp lying under Bob's shirt so they thought the killer had murdered him fisrt then put the clothes on him . Tey don't think that Bob went running like Jane told them. They had to cut into his body to find more clues. They had found red undiegested meat in Bob's body, but jane told them that he had meat on february 12. The undiegested meat in his body proved that Bob was killed right after he ate and there was no way Jane could have saw hinm that afternoon said the pathologist. They thought that Jane was the killer but they needed more evidence to prove that she killed her husband. They had figured that someone had put his clotjhes on his body after he was killed. They figured out that Jane was the killer and she was sent to jail to 25 years of prison.
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