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Drug Epidemic: Crystal Meth

No description

Shelden Ala-peahi

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Drug Epidemic: Crystal Meth

Drug Epidemic: Crystal Meth
by: MaryAnn, Shelden
Real name?
-Crystal methampthetamie
Issues/problems in hawaii.
Hawaii has the 34th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the united state.
Meth is a non prescription drug which is being abused.
How people use crystal meth?
Where is oahu is crystal meth being abused?
- Inhaling throught the nose
- Smoking
- Injecting it with a needle.
- Some even take it orally
Ewa beach
Abusers prefer high purity- averagaing over 90% crystal meth
Soultions 2
The Meth Program(NOT EVEN ONCE) meth kills!!!
Physical and mental effects
Web sites about info
Brain damage
organ ailure
Solution 1
Successful meth treatment requires the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The cognitive-behavioral therapy approach, which focuses on how the way we think affects our feelings and actions, helps patients identify and plan for the triggers associated with the substance abuse. This approach prepares the addict for life-long recovery.
open sores
rotting teeth (meth mouth)
obsessive compulsive behaviors
Social effects
Withdraw from friends & family, increases in criminal activity to support addiction, violent behavior, and suicde.
Pictuers of what meth can do to you!!
How many of you guys have seen people or grew up around drugs?
Why do you think they did meth in the first places??
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