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Louisiana History Chapter 8

No description

David Riley

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of Louisiana History Chapter 8

Louisiana History Chapter 8
Booklet Assignment
Your Task will be to create a booklet from the information found in Chapter 8, focusing on the Louisiana Purchase and the people involved.
Cover-Title, Name, Map of Louisiana Purchase, include at least 5 important locations on the map. Page should be full and colored.
Page 2-10 sentence summary of how and why the United States bought Louisiana.
Page 3-A 10 sentence biography of Jefferson, Napoleon, L'Ouverture, or any approved person from chapter 8. (you may want to use outside sources for more information)
Page 4-A timeline of Spanish governors and at least 10 events from chapter 7-8 (at least 5 must be after the Louisiana Purchase)
Feel free to add pictures and colorful designs!!!
Bell Ringer 10
1. What people were involved in the Louisiana purchase?

2. When did it occur?

3. Why do you think the Louisiana Purchase was important?

4. Who are you going to root for, the University of Washington or Alabama?

5. On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about the new Star Wars Movie?
II. International Events
A. Napoleon Bonaparte
1. Took power of France after the Revolution
2. Set out to conquer the world
3. Needed massive amounts of money
4. Tried to retake Haiti to reestablish coffee and sugar plantations

IV. Spain to France to United States
A. The time of official French government in LA was 20 days between the Spanish and US
1. Dec. 20 1803
B. The Adams-Onis Treaty 1819
1. Specified the boundaries of
the LA Purchase with Spain
C. 530,000,000 acres
1. About 4 cents an acre
I. LA as a territory of the US
A. William Claiborne became the first territorial governor
1. Did not speak French or Spanish
2. His military commander was James Wilkinson who had been an agent for the Spanish
III. Free People of Color and Slaves
A. Free blacks were a surprise to governor Claiborne
B. Stricter laws were placed on slaves
1. Slaves could no longer purchase their own freedom
2. Manumission: setting free of slaves by their master
3. Could no longer complain of mistreatment
C. Arrival of more refugees from Haiti, including many slaves, led to the doubling in size of New Orleans
Bell Ringer 12
1. Who was Aaron Burr

2. Who was the first American governor in LA?

3. In what year did the LA purchase occur?

4. What treaty transferred LA from Spain to France?

5. What Caribbean island did Napoleon fail to take back after a slave revolt?
III. Border Disputes
A. Jefferson sent explorers into the LA territory
1. Lewis and Clark
B. US argued with Spain about western border along the Sabine River
1. Agreed to a neutral zone
2. Became a hideout for bandits and criminals
I. The Burr Conspiracy
A. Burr and killed Alexander Hamilton
B. Tried to start a revolt in New Orleans with help from the Spanish
C. Governor Wilkinson was most likely working with him but betrayed him

II. The West Florida Revolt
A. People wanted to be part of the US
1. English-speaking
2. Rebelled against the Spanish
B. Declared part of the LA Purchase
C. Annexed into Louisiana in 1812 when it became a state
IV. The Great Slave Uprising of 1811
A. Hundreds of slaves marched towards NOLA
1. Were mostly armed with farm tools
2. Could not match the militia and army sent to stop them
B. After they were defeated, many were executed and their heads but on poles
1. Why were slaves so common in Louisiana?

2. Why has slavery ever existed?

3. Is there still slavery today?
Bell Ringer 2
1. Who killed Alexander Hamilton?

2. What area of Louisiana was annexed after LA became a state?

3. What event in Haiti caused French farmers to come to Louisiana?

4. How did Claiborne make laws worse for slaves?

5. What significant event happened in 1811 in LA?
I. Louisiana Becomes a State
A. More people immigrated into Louisiana (Territory of Orleans)
B. Needed 60,000 to become a state
1. Reached this in 1809 but their petition for statehood was ignored
2. Claiborne opposed this because he did not think there were enough loyal Americans in LA.
C. Finally approved in 1811 and officially accepted in 1812.
II. Louisiana's first constitution
A. Based on Kentucky's
B. The legislature would choose governor from top 2 candidates by popular vote
C. Only white, male, property owners could vote
D. Claiborne was elected as the first governor
1. surprised to be approved by the creoles
III. Early Problems
A. Distrust between Americans and Creoles
1. language barrier
B. Caddo indians were being crowded out
1. bought their land and they moved to Texas
C. Smuggling had become an accepted part of life
D. Baratarians-privateers (pirates) who attacked Spanish and British ships.
1. Led by Jean Lafitte
2. $500 dollar reward for his capture
3. He posted his own wanted posters with a reward of $5,000
Create a wanted poster for Jean Lafitte
Bell Ringer 10
1. Who was the pirate who Claiborne placed a $500 bounty on?

2. What happened to the Caddo Indians in LA?

3. What was the name of the pirate group who attacked British an dSpanish ships?

4. What state did LA base its constitution on?

5. Explain how the governor was elected in Louisiana.
I. The War of 1812
A. The 4 causes of the war (Read pages 228-229)
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
II. Protecting New Orleans
A. Andrew Jackson
1. Had a grudge against the British
2. Successful in war against the Creek Indians
3. Sent to protect New Orleans from British attack
B. Advantages and disadvantages
1. British had more well trained soldiers but chose to attack on narrow land between the Miss. and a swamp
2. Americans had fewer men who were inexperienced and ill-equipped. Enlisted the pirate, Jean Lafitte for help.

III. The Battle
A. The British had a complex plan of attack
B. Everything went wrong for the British
C. The Americans defeated the British from behind strong defenses
D. The British suffered 2,000 casualties and the Americans 13
IV. After the War
A. Settled disputes between British and Americans
B. Jackson became a national hero
C. "The Second War for Independence"
D. The Battle of New Orleans likely ended the war even though a peace treaty had already been signed.
Bell Ringer 3
1. Who was the general sent to defend New Orleans?

2. What pirate aided the Americans against the British?

3. What were the 4 causes of the War of 1812?

4. What groups made up the American army at New Orleans?

5. What is impressment?
B. The 1828 Election
1. Jackson won by a huge margin
2. Had the support of the common people
3. Jackson was the first frontier president
IV. Louisiana's Pioneers
A. Many came from the frontier (Kentucky and Tennessee)
B. Later, people would travel from all over on rivers to North LA.
V. The Texas Connection
A. Northwest LA became the state's "Texas Connection"
B. Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821
C. Settlers began moving through LA to Texas
D. There was talk of Texas independence
1. Declared independence in 1836
2. Defeated at the Alamo
3. LA began supporting Texans
Bell Ringer 5
Turn to page 266
Bell Ringer 5
1. Why was the Louisiana Purchase so important for the United States?

2. About how many casualties did the British suffer at the Battle of New Orleans?

3. Who won the 1824 election?

4. What was corrupt bargain?

5. What year did Louisiana become a state?
Bell Ringer 7
1. What pirate allied with the United States against Britain in the Battle of New Orleans?

2. Who was the first elected governor of LA?

3. Who became John Q Adam's Secretary of State?

4. Who won the election of 1824?

5. What is manumission?
I. Pinckney's Treaty
A. Americans relied on the Mississippi
B. Wanted access to the port at New Orleans
C. Thomas Pinckney negotiated this agreement with Spain
B. Treaty of San Ildefonso
1. Napoleon convinced Spain to give Louisiana back to France
C. Napoleon sent 30,000 to retake St. Domingue
1. 80% of his forces died with little fighting due to disease
2. Gave up on controlling Louisiana
Bell Ringer 11
1. Who was the emperor who tried to retake Haiti?

2. What killed most of the French soldiers sent to Haiti?

3. What treaty transferred control of Louisiana from Spain to France?

4. What did the Pinckney Treaty do for the United States?

5. What was one fun thing you did this weekend?
III. The Louisiana Purchase
A. Jefferson tried to purchase New Orleans
B. Napoleon offered the entire LA Territory
1. $15,000,000
C. Jefferson got congressional approval even though there was no Constitutional authority to do it.
Turn to page
222 in your
Bell Ringer 13
1. What is a growing season?

2. What are the 5 culture regions in LA?

3. What is scarcity?

4. What does bicameral mean?

5. Who was the first wealthy proprietor of Louisiana?
Bell Ringer 1
1. What vice president of the US killed Alexander Hamilton and tried to start a revolt in Louisiana?

2. Who was the first American governor of Louisiana?

3. What treaty transferred Louisiana from Spain back to France?

4. What treaty with Spain specified what land Louisiana contained?

5. What was your favorite thing about Christmas break?
Turn to page 232 in the textbook
Bell Ringer 4
1. What French emperor was Louisiana bought from?

2. What treaty gave the US access to the Mississippi when LA still belonged to Spain?

3. What year did Louisiana become a state?

4. Who was the first American governor of Louisiana?

5. Who was a Spanish spy and traitor in Louisiana?
V. Early Statehood
A. Creoles: "Ancient Louisianians"
1. Had very little in common with Americans
2. Battle of New Orleans brought more unity
B. Claiborne was the first elected governor
1. Governors would switch back and forth between creole and American
C. LA thought of itself as American but distinct
VI. The Rise of Andrew Jackson and the Corrupt Bargain
A. The election of 1824
1. None of the 4 candidates had a majority in the electoral votes (Jackson won popular vote)
2. Vote went to the House of Reps.
3. Adams won when Henry Clay threw his support to Adams. Adams named Clay the secretary of state.
4. People accused them of a "corrupt bargain"

Andrew Jackson
John Q Adams
Henry Clay
William Crawford
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