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Subcultures Presentation

A Prezi about subcultures for MKTG 370

Nick Giampapa

on 21 July 2011

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Transcript of Subcultures Presentation

B G Sub Subculture- group whose members share beliefs and common experiences that set them apart from others

Influences everyday experience and consumption preference

Ex: Age, Race, Ethnic Background, Place of Residence Chapter 13 Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Subcultures Andy Garcia
Nick Giampapa
Shelia Pacleb
Spencer Rodney Religious Subcultures Megachurches: serving 2,000 or more congregates per week and projecting a combined income of $1.85 billion. Worshiped Product Apple Newton PDA How Religion
Influences Consumption Positively Kosher and Halal Products Negatively Anti-Mickey Rebellion Microculture People who freely identify with a lifestyle or aesthetic preference
Gel around fictional characters and events
Define extended self Microculture Cosplay- form of performance art in which participants wear elaborate costumes that represent a virtual world, avatar, or other fictional character LARPing Follow Bible interpretations literally and acknowledge being born again through belief in Jesus.
Fastest growing religious affiliation in U.S.
“Body Piercings Saved My Life.” Born Again Consumers Ethnic and Racial Subcultures 3 Ethnic Subculture-
A self perpetuating group of consumers who share common cultural or genetic ties High Context Cultures Symbols and gestures carry most of the message rather than words
Minorities tend to be High context cultures which makes them more sensitive to nuances in advertising Low Context Cultures Meaning of messages is more direct and literal Deethnicization Deethnicization Occurs when a product associated with a specific ethnic group detaches itself from its roots and appeals to other groups as well Ethnic and Racial Stereotypes Subcultures have stereotypes that the general public associates with them.
Outsiders assume that they posses certain traits Acculturation The process of movement
and adaptation to one
country's cutural
enviroment by
a person from
another country African Americans Hispanic Americans Asian Americans Spending Paterns About 2/3 of their income goes to housing, transportation, and food. (Same as whites) Many companies such as P&G have begun programs such as MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL to focus on hair products and advertising to better fit African American women, and help portray a positive image. Product Targeting Skin care brands have begun targeting African Americans because good skin is highly valued in their community Hispanic Americans make up a very large portion of the communities we live in today, and is only continuing to grow. Walmart has begun to open stores Supermercado de Walmart in Phoenix and Houston Disposable Income From 1990-2006 Hispanics disposable income rose 832%, compared to 154% for the rest of the population. Demographics Two most notable characteristics of the Hispanic Culture are youth and size of families Asian americans focus on positive and negative energy, when marketers are focusing on selling homes they make sure to focus on the fung shui meaning wind and water. Social Status Very conscious of social status and will spend what ever it takes to maintain it or have it. Education Education is said to be very important.
Asian Americans are said to be superior in many aspects that are valued in everyday life
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