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Presentation for Schneider Electric

ward van beek

on 31 October 2010

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Transcript of Klantendag

Make the most of your PR Energy 10 years
Technology PR
14 experienced consultants, no overhead, no hierarchy
100% owned by the management
Profitable, Revenue 1.6 million
Member of Social Media Club, Waggener Edstrom Network
Short lines
Competence http://www.whizpr.nl The Press is our most important customer Thought Leadership Six critical actions
1. Make it strategic;
2. Know your audience;
3. Share openly
4. Cultivate the media
5. Write and speak about your campaign
6. Pump up your content online A Thought leader is a company or person who is recognized for innovative ideas. He demonstrates the confidence to promote or share those ideas as actionable, distilled insights. Written stories reinforce thought leadership

articles written for the media
opinion pieces
white papers
research summaries
fact sheets
background papers
third party endorsements
customer magazines
books Word-of-mouth: power to the social media

Brands today need to create their own conversations online. • What do they say about you?

• Engage and Interact

• Optimised content to increase your ranking in search

• Measurement of campaign’s return on investment. A thought leader is a company that actively promotes and discusses ideas that are relevant to its marketplace.

Customers and prospects look to your company for insight and vision, journalists will quote you, analysts will call you, and Web Sites will link to you. Whizpr, April 29 2010 The Challenge Publish White Papers
White papers and case studies are useful resources that demonstrate you understand and care about the problems that your customers are trying to solve. A white paper should therefore be a piece of information, not a sales document. A good test is to avoid mentioning your company or your product in the first half of the white paper. Produce Customer Magazines

You can use your customer magazine to position your company as a leader in its field. The majority of the content would be contributed by independent writers on issues of general importance to the industry.

There would be minimal reference to your own products or services and any company branding would be very subtle. Becoming a thought leader does require work and commitment. It demands the difficult task of looking at your company from the perspective of the world outside. The media room of a company website is often the most visited landing page. A digital influence strategy should deliver four key things: Did you know..? http://www.youtube.com/user/Whizprtised Share openly
Don't be afraid
Listen Whizpr 2.0 Thought Leadership http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/6039177 First the thought... ...then the leadership Honesty and integrity are vital. Untruths, half truths and misrepresentations are cruelly exposed online and can be damaging to your brand. Customers Visit Silicon Valley External Blogging Strategic 230 views 2.0 Thought Leadership Whizpr ...in three months The power of video... Whizpr Animation SHORT list, for a balanced image Specs
Human factor
Trust Or shall we stick with this one... Making it happen The MEDIA is our most important customer PR 2.0 = PR Android Experience Conference and trade show
Twitter feed
NOS Journaal LinkedIn groups
PR 2.0 and Online PR

Slideware The big Plus
1+1+1+1+1+1 = 11 Mediatraining
Social Media training
Blog training Multiply your message
Own blog, other blogs, twitterfeeds, RSS, slideshare, flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook... PR meets marketing Investering is vooral tijd. Kennis en visie moet uit de organisatie komen Authenticiteit Niet schreeuwen maar fluisteren 1-1-11 Ironing with your shirt on http://www.androidexperience.nl Who is responsible?
Marketing or PR? PR Budget? The blogger is a one man band
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