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Breaking The Ice

No description

Alexander Paul Institute

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Breaking The Ice

How to Stop Being So Awkward
Breaking The Ice
Develop Customer
Service Skills
Awkward Weather Talk
Keep Up With Current Events
Avoid Taboo Subjects
The Hair Industry is a
Customer Service Industry
Customize The Converation
Bring Yourself In Instead of Interrogating?
Did you see Magic Mike?
Open Ended Questions
Do you live
around here?
Don't talk about average weather.
You don't need to be an expert, just know what's going on.
Religion, Politics, Sex, Alcohol, Etc.
7 Building Blocks to Success
Chemical Services
Additional Services
Importance of Speed
Increase Number of Clients Per Day
-Speed is Desirable for a Guest
-More Repeats
-More Rebooks
-More Referrals
-More Chemicals
-More Opportunities for Additional
Services & Retail
You will be servicing up to 18 guests per day
Have you
always lived
Where have you lived before?
So I bought that new Channing Tatum movie and I'm going to watch it tonight. What do you think of him?
Ok to talk about extreme weather
It's cold out there today huh?
How bad did the hurricane affect your neighborhood/house?
Don't be a stereotype.
USA Today
Alex Naoum declared Sexiest Man Alive by
Women's League
Do you think you can give me a more up to date style?
Yeah, how old are you exactly?
Leave Personal Life Behind
They want to talk about their
Not Yours
It is Their Time
Show Interest in Their Passions
Show you value them by showing interest
What's your sign?
Oh I don't believe in that garbage.
Give Compliments
They Break The Ice
Good Intro
Position yourself as someone who appreciates them and their tastes
Most Important
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